March 29, 2023

José Wallenstein on the brothers. “I don’t know if I wouldn’t have killed one of them”

eatoi on SIC’s “High Definition,” that José Wallenstein recalled the most memorable moments of his childhood after explaining that his parents took him in after losing a child in childbirth.

I was a very wanted child because my parents lost a brother at birth who died at birth – he had the umbilical cord around his neck and my parents quickly tried to overcome this trauma“, he said.

I was loved very much and at the age of five I had not one, but two brothers. Even my own mother did not know, only at birth I learned that they were twins”, he continued to remember with Daniel Oliveira, confessing that the shock of having to share the attention and love with his brothers when they were born was very noticeable.

They invaded my emotional space in a brutal way. I could have become a criminal because it had such an effect on me that one day, when I was with the boys who were a month or two old, I went into their room with a pair of scissors and chose which one to kill first. My mother, luckily, came in, grabbed my wrist and asked me [com calma] what did I do. I don’t know if I wouldn’t have killed one of them“, he revealed, noting that it is a childhood image that remains “very clear” in his memory.

Jose Wallenstein did not fail to comment that this jealousy would mark his personality, speaking of his side that “wants to be loved, to enjoy being loved.”

But having experienced such a remarkable episode, the relationship with the brothers was very good once they started growing up. It was, he says, a “brotherhood” relationship. It should be noted that the actor has two brothers and a sister.

Childhood memories were the beginning of the “High Definition” interview, where the actor also recalled the April 25 revolution. He was 14 years old at the time and “parents were anti-fascists“. By the way, share, the father was arrested. Another notable moment that was as well “the first time he understood that they were living in a dictatorship.”

Another equally striking topic brought up during the conversation with Daniel Oliveira was the death of his son. The actor saw the birth of his first child at the age of five months, Simão, a subject he had already recalled last month in the “Júlia” program.

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