Joana Marques responds to Susana Torres: she “sent” 625 euros to Éder’s spiritual coach

This Thursday, March 9 on “Extremely Unpleasant,” Joana Marques I have heard some statements from Susana TorresTHE mental coach High implementation the football player ederwhen he was on the SIC show ‘Júlia’.

In addition to the life story, the comedian also talked about the career of the businesswoman, that is, the amount she charges for each session mental training: 625 euros. “By my calculations, enough for eleven consultations with a psychologist. Of those really serious”said Joanna, as you can see here.

Susanna then took refuge in her Instagram to react to what was said. “Dear Joana Marques, I was surprised to find out that you are passionate about my work! At the end, Spending so much time and energy making fun of me is a very strange way to compliment someone.. I loved you, you knowr how do you manage your life while finding so much time to study mineyou are very kind”he started writing.


“Anyway, thank you for your attention and interest. If I knew my work was interesting enough to get your attention, I would have sent you an invoice for how much you must have already learned. By the way, if you need more material for your comedy routine, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m always available to help promote artists’ work.”he added.

“I really appreciate your effort to keep my work so informative with your brilliant observations”she added, also thanking her for the exposure it has given her, as it has helped her increase her social media following. “Keep it up, a few more episodes for me and you’ll still be able to win over the audience that gave me the 2016 European Championships”finished.

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In addition to sharing it history by Susana on her Instagram account, Joana Marques responded to the phrase “If I knew my work was interesting enough to hold your attention, I’d send you an invoice for how much you must have learned.” and “sent” the value of a session to the psychic coach.

Even though he presented the “proof” of how he sent the money to Susana Torres through him MBWayit is probably a joke and the 625 euros have not been transferred mental coachbut to someone else.

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