It is now possible to earn bitcoins playing League of Legends, Valorant and Dota 2

Some of the biggest online games today, such as League of Legends (LOL), Valorant and Dota 2 can now give bitcoins to players, following a partnership between ZEBEDEE and Stattrak.

In fact, the partnership between the companies began a year ago, when major eSports games started supporting bitcoin.

At that time, Stattrak support had not yet reached desktop computers, but now players can play and win.

Earn bitcoins playing League of Legends and Valorant

A post by ZEBEDEE last Tuesday (1/31) showed that the gaming world continues to embrace bitcoin.

“With the Stattrak Esports app now allowing you to play on desktop computers, the world of Fantasy Sports just got even easier to enter. Build your own team with real players from the biggest tournaments around the world to compete for prizes and win Bitcoins.”

Stattrak’s founder and CEO is Brazilian Rafael Augusto, who works to improve accessibility to games and bitcoin.

By competing in games, users can engage with their friends in the world’s top esports leagues, earning rewards in their wallets through Bitcoin Lightning.

CS:GO game is also available for bitcoin prize competitions. Players do not need to pay to participate in matches.

bitcoin games

In 2021, the cryptocurrency market saw global players engage in the industry to participate in the so-called “play to gain”. However, many games with mechanisms in NFTs did not survive long and quickly went bankrupt, giving the technology a bad image.

ZEBEDEE and Stattrak’s solutions do not include NFTs, nor do they ask users to buy digital assets to earn.

So, in addition to fantasy games, players can start playing their favorite titles and get rewards, showing that “play to win” has changed to a safer scenario.

In recent weeks, for example, a developer managed to turn the legendary “Super Mario” into a game that gives rewards in bitcoins. This is, The bitcoin games in the market outnumber those looking to attract investors to bad NFT gamessome that even resembled pyramid schemes.

The future of the digital asset market, however, continues to believe that major brands will get involved with NFTs at some point. According to research by Livecoins, League of Legends itself may have its own NFT and blockchain, according to a file obtained that demonstrates interest in decentralized technologies.

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