Israeli businessman claims successful interference in 27 presidential elections | misinformation

His name is Tal Hanan and he is a 50-year-old former Israeli special forces agent known by the nickname “Jorge”. He describes himself as an “expert in disinformation” and the unit he leads – codenamed “Team Jorge” – claims to have been called upon to intervene in 33 presidential campaigns over the past 20 years. Approached by three journalists under the guise of wanting to hire him to postpone an election in a volatile African country, he said the services of “Jorge’s Team” cost between 6 and 14 million euros.

“We are currently participating in elections in Africa … We have a team in Greece and one in the Emirates … Follow the tracks,” the businessman said in a series of video calls and a meeting at his unit’s or group’s headquarters, an office unmarked in an industrial park in Modi’in, 30 kilometers from the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, the newspaper reported The guardianone out of 30 average participate in “Disinfo black ops” or covert disinformation operations.

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