March 29, 2023

Isabelle Bittencourt delivers what was the biggest lesson she learned from her mother, Caroline Bittencourt

Walking her own path, Isabelle Bittencourt flirted with fashion from a very early age. That’s because the young woman is the daughter of iconic model Caroline Bittencourt, who died in April 2019 after a boating accident. Always daring in style, she sees clothes as a way of expressing her personality. In an exclusive interview for STARRING, Isabel she talked about the new project, the pressure of being compared to her mother… and of course, the biggest lesson she learned from her!

Dedicated to helping his followers feel good about the image they see in the mirror, Bittencourt has shown on social networks how to find pieces and create trends.

It all started very naturally. I realized that my opinion came together and made a difference once my friends started texting me asking what clothes they should wear on certain occasions. My followers also noticed my knack for knowing how to dig into any store.

When asked about her own style, Isabelle can’t define it in just one word, as she believes it has many facets. After all, the beauty of fashion is precisely to try, to bet and to dare.

I’m from the moon. [risos] I always joke that I am several characters at once. There is the romantic, minimalist Isabelle… It will depend on my mood and the circumstances. I believe that clothing complements a lot of what you want to convey to the other person. The colors speak for themselves. For example, whenever I see that the day is cloudy, I try to wear clothes that make me happy.

Although she still keeps many of her mother’s clothes, she says she has her own way of wearing them. The reason? Although they are naturally similar and even compared, Isabelle vouches that Caroline was very different from her. Over the years, the young woman learned to build her own identity and detach herself from the image of the matriarch

Today I am calmer [sobre as comparações], but I like people to know that I’m not her. We are different. I’m just a small part of her. I really think she was – and still is – the most beautiful woman in Brazil. I remember all the times we walked into restaurants and everyone stopped to look at her. Not only was she beautiful, she was also friendly and had an energy that caught everyone’s attention. It was captivating!

It’s clear, the model left valuable lessons to her daughter:

Persist and don’t give up on what you want. He always said I’m quite stubborn. It was actually one of the reasons we fought… each with his own strong opinion. He also had a professionalism that was enviable. Another thing that inspires me a lot about my mother was the lightness with which she saw life. Open up, let go of other cultures and evolve. This thing of understanding that we all have problems, but it is possible to solve them.

Regarding her career, Isabelle already has plans for the future and guarantees to honor her origins.

I’m making more and more effort to find my niche so I can deliver the best content. I see myself having a brand that represents everything my mother stands for and the importance of making her eternal.

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