Is it true that “national examinations at the end of secondary education do not include Mathematics”?

“Then you must national examinations at the end of secondary education do not include Mathematics. control. This is how 90% of poorly prepared students don’t fail. We will be a country of his partners call centersreceptionists, porters and bank tellers”, stands out in a Position on Facebook, dated February 7.

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The government last week announced the new secondary school completion model, keeping national exams but introducing some changes. “National exams for completion of secondary education will have a lower weight, 25%, in the final ranking, in a model of three exams in which the Portuguese is compulsory and two other exams can be chosen by students,” announced the Ministers of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Elvira Fortunato, and Education, Joao Costa, at a press conference on February 6.

With regard to access to higher education, according to the minister, in the calculation formula for admission to universities and polytechnics, the national exams which are entrance exams will have a minimum weight of 45%.

“Each institution will continue to decide on the number of examinations required for admission which, according to the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, will be ‘at least two’,” the government statement said, noting that the new The rules will apply in full for students applying in 2025.

In addition, the three-year subjects, such as Portuguese or Mathematics, will have a higher weighting towards the final average than annual or biennial subjects. This means that a three-year discipline “weighs three times, a two-year one weighs twice and an annual one weighs once, thus introducing greater justice,” explained João Costa.

During the pandemic, a model prevailed in which nationwide exams were taken only by those who intended to continue their studies, i.e. in the last two years the tests were not necessary to complete compulsory education.

Until 2020, these tests counted towards the completion of secondary education and, at the same time, entered the accounts of students applying for Tertiary Education. Students took two Panhellenic exams in year 11 and two in year 12, regardless of not using all of them for entry into higher education.

So the information presented is taken out of context. Under the recent changes, a student with this subject can choose not to take Maths A exams, for example, if they do not intend to use it as evidence of admission to Higher Education. All Science-Humanities students are only required to take the Portuguese national exam, but this does not mean that the Mathematics exam leaves the list of secondary school national exams.


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