Is it Alzheimer’s? Seven Signs You Should Be Concerned (And Don’t Forget)

THE what did you do? Where did I put the keys? No, these doubts do not arise for all of us as we grow older. Frequent memory leaks deserve an appointment. In some cases, they can be symptoms of Alzheimer’s, a neurodegenerative disease that causes progressive memory loss and cognitive impairment, language disorders and even difficulty performing tasks such as paying bills and handling money, and which is the most common form of dementia .

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What you may not know is that it has been shown that around 40% of dementias like Alzheimer’s can be prevented or delayed. “With the exception of the ‘curable’ (reversible) forms of dementia – hence the importance of a strict diagnosis – the remaining forms can be reduced or delayed in their development. risky behaviors – “what’s good for the heart is good for the brain” – it’s important to encourage physical, cognitive and social activity. sensory, visual and auditory, reducing exposure to polluted environments (including passive smoke) and alcohol consumption, preventing falls with traumatic brain injury and weight control,” explained António Leuschner, coordinator of the Project’s executive committee, National Health Organization for Dementia, in an interview with Lifestyle per minute.

With this in mind, and so that nothing remains unclear, neurologist João Carlos Lobato Moraes, from Clínica Censo, in Brazil, shared some of the symptoms of this disease in the newspaper Metrópoles. See below:

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1- Loss of recent memories.

two- Difficulty performing simple tasks.

3- Exchange items.

4- Asking the same question multiple times.

5- Disorientation in familiar locations.

6- Language changes.

7- Mood and personality changes, as well as unexplained irritability, misinterpretations, isolation, mistrust and loss of empathy.

It should be remembered that dementia, a general term used to designate a set of diseases characterized by cognitive alterations that may be associated with memory loss, language disorders and disorientation in time or space. definitive way to prevent dementia and the outlook is bleak. The World Health Organization estimates that there are 47.5 million people with dementia worldwide, a number that could reach 75.6 million in 2030 and almost triple by 2050, to 135.5 million.

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