March 30, 2023

Is it a balloon? Are they UFOs? No, it’s the race for the stratosphere

As in the movies, the US was the first country to be targeted. The story begins with a balloon – spy, bail Washington -, which ended up in the waters off him South Carolina. The US State Department explains that, before being shot down, the device was analyzed in flight by U-2 planeswho allegedly took photographs surveillance equipment such as antennas, revealing his true mission. ONE Chinaremember, he argues that it is just a off road weather device and points out that US balloons entered Chinese airspace more than a dozen times last year.

The most unusual thing came later: for three consecutive days, three unidentified flying objects – three UFOs, therefore – were destroyed over North America, without anyone knowing or wanting to reveal their nature. That is, they flew over it Alaskaits Canadian region yukon and Lake Huron within Michigan, when they were destroyed. Speculations fly everywhere for a glaring confirmation extraterrestrial activity. ONE White House rules it out – in fact, the issue drew laughter in the press room while the spokeswoman spoke Karin Jean Pierrewho did not hide the infidelity.

Height question?

Confirmed facts are very few. One of them is that the alleged spy balloon was flying at an altitude of 18 kilometers, in the middle of stratosphere. For Jean-Vincent Brisset, an expert at the Institute of International and Strategic Relations (IRIS), this may have an immediate explanation. “Right now, the United States, but also China, France, no doubt Russia and other important countries, are doing research to try to develop new weapons, so-called hypersonic gliders. “A lot of the flight of these devices takes place in the stratosphere. We know very little about the stratosphere, in terms of composition, in terms of the winds that circulate,” says Brisset.

The Chinese balloon would then be an exploratory device tasked with discovering a strategic stratosphere, where any weapon of war will be very difficult to intercept?

Iain Boyd, director of the Center for National Security Initiatives at the University of Colorado, explains that “this region of the atmosphere is above the region where airplanes fly and below space. It’s a region we don’t fully understand.” And, therefore, an advantage for those who succeed.

The processes have changed and so have the objects

The truth is that the NORAD, the north american aerospace defense agency, tightened it accuracy of the radar system after the first balloon, which may explain the increased device detection.

Debris from the “spy balloon” could reach populated land, so it was only shot down over the Atlantic. Iain Boyd thinks it was too big to be a meteorological device, but he also doubts that Beijing would send compromising material, and of an easily detectable size, that could fall into American hands. On the same day, another object of the same kind flew over it Colombiawhat Bogotawould confirm. However, no action was taken to destroy it.

The last device intercepted, in Michigan, was traveling at an altitude of 6 km, representing a specific danger to civil aviationlarge. Jean-Vincent asks why there are no photographic records, not even of the planes that shot him down. Wasn’t it a balloon? Apparently, it was, to quote US authorities, an “octagonal structure with hanging wires”. The one in Canada, for example, was cylindrical.

Brisset points out that countless study devices/balloons are launched every day. There is not exactly an international control system. The equipment has locators. This trajectory can be unpredictable, depending on factors such as wind.

What seems to be a consensus among Brisset, Boyd and other experts is that each case likely has a different explanation.

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