IP addresses and verification codes. How Netflix is ​​preparing to end free account sharing – Observer

Netflix has already warned that in the first quarter of 2023 it will start taking measures to prevent free account sharing. Now, on its website, the company reiterates that its shared use Connection with someone who does not live in the same household is not allowed: “The Netflix account is intended for use by people who live together in the same household.”

When Netflix detects that “someone is logging into your account” from a TV, mobile phone, computer or tablet which is not “related to your residence” can request device verification. The same is true when the account is “regularly accessed from a location outside your home.” The platform adds that, to verify “connected” equipment, it uses “information such as IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity.”

Netflix explains, in the Q&A document it shared this week, that to verify a device “sends a link to the email address or mobile number associated with the primary account holder,” the “link opens a web page with a four-digit code verification code and code must be entered on the device that placed the order within 15 minutes.” “Once the verification is completed successfully, the device can be used to watch” the series and movies available on the streaming service. flowadds the platform.

Device verification “may be requested periodically,” Netflix warns, without elaborating. The 9to5mac website states that to ensure uninterrupted access to the platform, subscribers must connect to the “main location” wi-fi associated with the account at least once every 31 days.


“If you travel or live in more than one residence” and “if you’re the primary account holder (or live with the holder), you don’t need to verify your device to watch Netflix,” the company says. If a new device connects to the account from a different location, the same will not happen. Then, according to the site 9to5mac, the Netflix will require a temporary code that will allow access for seven consecutive days.

The Observer asked Netflix about the information provided by the international press, including the need for subscribers to connect to Wi-Fi at the “main location” at least once every 31 days, but the company neither confirmed nor denied this. The platform’s response was this: “While our terms of use limit Netflix use to one household, we recognize that this is a change for members who share their account more widely. So we’re working hard to build additional new features that improve the Netflix experience, including the ability for our subscribers to control which devices are using their account and to transfer a profile to a new account.”

“As we roll out shared charging, members in many countries will also have the option to pay more if they want to share Netflix with people they don’t live with. From now on, all members will be able to watch Netflix on the go, whether on a TV or a mobile device. In this process we will make known the different specificities”, he concludes.

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