March 29, 2023

Informal caregivers are heard: they are not well and need help | commercial content

The data speaks for itself and sheds light on the difficulties experienced every day by those who dedicate their lives to caring for someone. More than 80% of informal carers admit to being emotionally exhausted and almost 78% have, at some point, felt the need for psychological support. However, only 42% sought this type of help. This discrepancy is particularly worrying when we consider that almost 80% believe that their emotional health status affects their performance as informal carers.

The results were obtained through the study “Mental health and well-being in informal caregivers in Portugal”, an initiative of Merck Portugal, with the support of the Movimento Cuidar dos Empregos Informais. Recall that, as early as 2021, in another survey promoted by the same partnership, we learned that 52% of informal caregivers felt that they did not have sufficient psychological support, from the state and not only. It was precisely this indicator that prompted the deepening of the research that is now being carried out, as explained by Pedro Moura, general manager of Merck Portugal, at the opening of the conference “The present and the future of the informal carer”, held on January 31 in the amphitheater PÚBLICO and broadcast live on the newspaper’s website and social networks.

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