March 29, 2023

Inflation is taking a toll on couples’ lives (and more young people are dating)

ONEThis Tuesday, February 14, is Valentine’s Day and the European Consumer Payment Report 2022 study, by Intrum, reveals that inflation is having an impact on the lives of Portuguese couples, with 29% saying that rising prices in gifts and meals has a “negative impact” on her love life.

“This consequence is they affect the emotional life of the younger generations, as they are the ones who express their dissatisfaction the most – Generation Z (18-21 years old) registers a percentage of 49% and the Millennial generation (22-37 years old) has the second highest percentage, reaching 37%,” reads a statement sent to the essays.

The average for Southern Europe is 31%, a value higher than that recorded in Portugal.

The study also reveals that 45% of the Portuguese the respondents reveal a increased anxiety when faced with the possibility of a partner/spouse losing their job.

“Even so, this percentage is lower than that observed in Spain (48%), Greece (66%) and Italy (47%). The average for Southern Europe is 51%. Through the ECPR it is it is also possible to verify that couples with children (56%) and with high incomes (49%) are the ones who show this concern the most. )”, it is reported.

According to Intrum, the financial situation may have a decisive influence on the conduct of personal relationships, especially when there are financial difficulties“.

“An example of this is that 16% of respondents said that buying gifts for their partner/spouse is the most common reason for getting into credit card debt. This is a reality with greater expression among men (20%) than what about women (12 In Spain the percentage is higher reaching 25% and the same is true in Greece, with 26%”, it reads.

The data also reveals that Portuguese couples “are not going through the best financial phase, but still don’t stop worrying about the relationship”, since “19% of respondents say that the ‘buy now/pay later’ solution is increasingly used” more. covering costs of the social and romantic life of Portuguese couples’.

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