March 30, 2023

In “Sangue Oculto”: Guillermo meets Benedita in the asylum

The SIC soap opera will undergo a new twist. And it all happens after Julia finds out where her missing sister is. Then she asks her lover to travel to Switzerland. Thus, in “Sangue Oculto”: Guillermo meets Benedita in the asylum.

One day after discovering her sister’s whereabouts, Julia explains everything to her lover. She already has the ID of the nurse, who is of Portuguese origin. Guilherme will travel to Switzerland to implement the plan. Hours later, already on Swiss soil, the paramedic enters the clinic. He tries to find a sign that will lead him to Benedita, until he stumbles upon the man in the photo. Go after him, but the door closes. He ends up approaching another local health professional: “I’m waiting for my wife, but it seems she’s late. Can you get me a glass of water if you don’t mind? Please?”, she asks him. She walks in and he ducks under the counter, looking for an access card lying there. Then follow behind the man. Notice him enter a room and follow him.

“I don’t want Benedita to come home”

Inside, the boy prepares injectable drugs for the patient. Guillermo tries to figure out who he is, until he meets Benedita, who continues to pretend to be asleep. Then he calls Julia and announces: “It’s right here! It really is Benny, I found her!”. The triplets ask him if he has already spoken to his sister and he denies it: “Not yet. She was asleep and this nurse is with her. But don’t worry, once she’s gone, I’ll take it with me. I won’t leave her here!”. However, the dj refuses: “You’re not going to do that. It has to stay there. I don’t want Benedita back in this house”He says.

Skeptical, Alberto’s son insists: “I will not leave Benedita here! If she called Vanda to ask for help, it’s because she’s here against her will!’. But the mistress decides: “Someone took Benedita there, someone ordered her to be watched, someone had to have some interest in kidnapping her! I want to know who! I ask you to stay there to learn the truth. Can’t you do this for me? This person could be the same person who made an attempt on my life in Ibiza. Do it for me. Please. If they wanted to hurt you, they would have done it already.”. Guilherme ends up agreeing, but decides to stay put. “If he’s in danger, I’m done with it”finally, determined.

Check out the images from the moment Guilherme finds Benedita in the hostel in our gallery and I know everything belowit’s the telenovela “Sangue Oculto” here

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