In “Sangue Oculto”: Guillermo and Barbara embark on a romance

This was not expected. After all, failing to marry Nelson will be the key to Barbara’s happiness. After the groom leaves her at the altar, the girl realizes that her heart, in fact, belongs to someone else. Thus, in “Sangue Oculto”: Guilherme and Bárbara take up the romance.

Arriving at home, the paramedic attends to the girl, who has injured her leg. “That jerk… I hate him! I even bleed for him and now he leaves me at the altar?! Do you know what the problem was? I ignored the signs. The universe told me to cancel and I thought I should go ahead. Now the circus is on fire and I’m a clown”, he complains. Alberto’s son immediately asks what signs he is referring to. “I kissed you first! Then I took out my legs. As if that wasn’t enough, Bruno stuffed the wedding rings around his neck. And after crushing the face, I chose you!’she replies.

“What do you mean, you chose me?”he asks. “In your dress. I ruined my wedding when I didn’t follow the pattern and chose the dress you bought me.”, excuses Bárbara, crying. Affectionate, the friend strokes his cheek. “Did you screw up your marriage or did you make it? Do you know what would happen in a marriage with Nelson? You would never be happy. You were happy, it’s over. Because if this marriage meant so much to you, you would never have kissed me.”warranty.

The paramedic then runs his hand down her legs, tugging at her dress. He doesn’t even know what to say. “I’m tired of fighting it, Bah”, Guilherme declares, as he gets even closer to his beloved. At that moment he kisses her passionately and she responds by unbuttoning his shirt. And they make love there.

“Do you want to be happy?”

Hours later, the two talk. And the bartender at the hospital soon wants to know why the boy went to her wedding. “I think I was trying to figure out if that kiss meant the same to you….” “Why? Did it mean anything to you?”Barbara replied. “Is not it obvious; I wanted to see if you would take this marriage forward and look… I didn’t even have to open my mouth. Things took care of themselves”replies Guilherme in love.

That’s when Barbara walks away, hyperventilating. “Oh my God! What have I done? A few hours ago I was going to be married and now I’m with you. This wasn’t the training my mother gave me! I’m not you! I need security, William! This open relationship is driving me crazy.”, he justifies. With nothing to lead him to predict, the health professional is willing to try to have something serious with her. “Monogamy doesn’t scare me, or maybe it scares me, but I like the adrenaline. If you want it, we already two want it.”, he justifies. He rings the girl’s cell phone and leaves.

Elevator passion… again

The next day, at the hospital, Guilherme talks to the girl again, who runs away from him. “Are you scared? Of my proposal? You think I’m going too fast, right? I know this is scary and your life right now is like a movie. But I’m not asking you out on a date. I want to see where this takes us, with the exclusivity factor on the table So I just ask you one question: do you want to be happy?suggests her ex-lover Julia.

I want to, but it’s just that things have been so hard, Gui… and I know it doesn’t seem… because we had yesterday… But I’m not that detached. I’m still very hurt by Nelson. Do you realize that moving forward now is scary? That I’m afraid to even try to be happy?Benny’s friend replies as he pulls her close. “You can’t control these things. You can’t sum up your whole life in the failed relationship you had with Nelson.”, William insists. “What if one day you look at me and hate me? What if everything goes wrong?” he asks. “But I already find you unbearable. That’s why I like you. If it goes wrong, at least we can say we had fun and tried. And I’ll always be honest with you”reacts the boy, feeling her and they tangle in the elevator.

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