In a rare testimony, Bruno de Carvalho’s eldest daughter talks about her father’s marriage to Liliana Almeida

SELFIE was present at its opening Bloom Studio space, the shop of the “Big Brother” couple Bruno de Carvalho and Liliana Almeida de Carvalhoand spoke with Ana Catarina, DJ’s eldest daughter.

The 19-year-old opened by revealing her thoughts on the singer, who her father married in September 2022. “We get on really well, we’re very similar in a lot of ways, which is really funny. it was one of the first links between us, which was really cool,” he continued.

But Ana Catarina took the opportunity to debunk her relationship with her father. “My father and I have always had a very strong and close bond. Like all parent-child relationships, there are ups and downs. But we were always very close, there was no turning back or anything like that. Life just goes on and on, and in the meantime we’ve been back together, it seems, but a lot because we’re learning from each other. Our relationship is very much based on that, he’s learning a lot from me and I’m learning from him.” he emphasized.

“It’s renewed. I think Liliana had a strong impact on my father, she shows him, a little bit, another side of life. A person who went through as much as my father needed someone with that positivity to face life and I think it did him a lot of good . My father has rebuilt himself over time. I notice that. For example, this thing of being a DJ and now setting up his shop. I find that so beautiful, it’s not just anyone who turns 50 and says : “I’m going to change my whole life!” I think that’s inspiring, in a way,” he continued.

As for the possibility of having another sibling, as a result of the marriage of the couple she met on TVI’s ‘Big Brother Famosos’, Ana Catarina was emphatic. “I love children and I have nothing to do with them having a child. It’s their relationship and they’re happy, that’s what matters. I’m very happy whether they have it or not. I love my dad, but I like him a lot and Liliana. She is a fantastic woman, I enjoyed meeting her and I am sure that if she really wants to have a child, she will also be a wonderful mother,” he concluded.

Remember that Ana Catarina is the result of a previous relationship between Bruno de Carvalho and Irina Yankovich. The former Sporting president is also the father of Diana, who was born from the marriage, which ended in 2016, to Claudia Gomes and Leonor, the result of the marriage, which also ended, to Joanna Ornella.

See, now, the photos of that event, in the image gallery we have prepared for you!

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