How to find the four common rooms in Hogwarts Legacy

The trailer showing the four common rooms in Hogwarts Legacy was one of the most recognized by fans in the run-up to the game. Now that the adventure is here, many people want to know how to find them all in the castle of the school of witchcraft and wizardry. And MyPlayStation will show you! However, it is good to emphasize one thing: it is only possible to enter the rooms of the house area that you choose in the Sorting Hat.

Regardless, though, you can get to the entrances to the common rooms in Hogwarts Legacy, and this even helps with the 100% quest of the game, as each has a salvageable collectible. To see it all from the inside, however, you’ll need to embark on four different adventures, each of which puts your character in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

To find them, the first step is to go to the grand staircase. From there, there are four paths to find your destinations. Checkout:

Common rooms at Hogwarts Legacy

The easiest to find of the Hogwarts Legacy common rooms is the Hufflepuff. When you reach the stairs via the fast travel point in the floo dust network, look ahead and see an archway with plants. Next to it is a ladder. Go down and you’ll come out into a room full of barrels. The last is the entrance.

Hufflepuff is the easiest common room in Hogwarts Legacy (Photo: Thiago Barros/Reproduction)

If you return to the stairs and go straight down into the dungeons, you’ll soon find the Slytherin room as well. However, unlike the others, there isn’t much to see if you’re not from home. A giant snake opens the door in the middle of a random wall for whoever is about to enter. For others, it’s just the wall – however, there are a few collectibles in the area. Use the apocalypse abuse!

The Slytherin common room is on the back wall (Photo: Thiago Barros/Reproduction)

Gryffindor’s room, in turn, is located on the third floor of the stairs. Just go to the corridor of the statue of the witch with one eye, which serves as a secret passage to Hogsmeade, and proceed. At the end of it, turn left and head into a room where there is a staircase, near where Mr. Moon is waiting for you to get his statues with the semi-visos. Climb it and go to the end of the hall to see the glorious Fat Lady.

The Gryffindor room is on the third floor (Photo: Thiago Barros/Reproduction)

Closing, the most difficult. Ravenclaw’s is the furthest from the common rooms in Hogwarts Legacy. It is located on the fourth floor and looks a bit like a maze. You have to walk down a blue corridor and, from it, go to the end looking for a green room that has a numbered puzzle door. Ignore it and go to the stairs, which will turn and lead you into the room. Use Revelio before exiting the steps to get the collectible.

The Ravenclaw common room is on the fourth floor (Photo: Thiago Barros/Reproduction)

So, which house did you stay in the game? Tell us in the comments!

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