How to create a mini forest? Step 5: Schedule your watering | Create a mini forest

Having completed the Dream and Observe chapter, we move on to the next phase. The following first three steps to create a mini forest are part of a chapter entitled: Planeia e Colete. After planning the forest, the researchers suggest scheduling irrigation.


In the first hot and dry months – up to two, three years – watering is necessary to increase the rate of survival and growth of plants, especially in Mediterranean climates. With irrigation, we promote soil moisture and therefore greater plant root growth, an increase in the number of bacteria, fungi and their respective connectivity in the soil. The target it is not to create one mini forest depends on high humidity levels in dry months. We want to evolve into a climate-adapted system drift and future. We intend to accelerate ecological succession in the first years, the most critical after planting, to a situation where the crown and root network regulates the hydrological cycle autonomously. Therefore, it is important to plan adequate irrigation in terms of frequency and abundance of water, perspective the end of you.

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