Heroes! Young people unite to save the caramel dog that fell into the canal

Students Jack Spencer Furmston and Ben Camphor, both 20, had just left a cafe in Manchester, England, when they saw the scene of a man trying to save his dog from a canal. Without a second thought, they rushed to help him.

The youths were on their way home when they saw the dog’s owner “struggle” to save Sumac, the dog. The dog with the candy had fallen into the Ancoats Canal. As the Daily Mail reports, during the rescue, five other people showed up to help.

The episode was filmed. The scene shows Ben being grabbed by the legs as he climbs the canal wall to save the dog. With much effort the boys hold the pet. The dog in turn panics and scratches the wall with his paws. When the boy reaches him, he grabs him by the collar and is then dragged away by the group.

“The crowd started to build up, so the tallest person – who happened to be Ben – flipped over and managed to grab the dog, as seen in the video,” Jack said.

ben said it he also has a dog and seeing Sumak in this state made him anxious. and wanted to help.

“Everyone was in a panic. I couldn’t leave that dog lying there and not help, so I took off my sweater, threw it on the ground and started the action – going down first.”

After the rescue, the dog’s master was extremely grateful and thanked the attitude of the two youngsters and the others involved. Sumac, on the other hand, (wagging his tail) kept jumping ashore.

The video of the heroic act was released on February 13, on Dabhidh MhicEamailinn’s Twitter profile, the man was passing through the location at the time and filmed it. The post reached over 2.6 million views, 77 thousand likes and thousands of comments.

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“Brilliant! People are people. This is the type of person who should be in government,” said one.


I am glad that these young people were at the right time and place! And here’s a tip so that when hiking with your pet in places with water, don’t leave the leash loose so it doesn’t have a chance to jump and something happens with Sumac.

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