Grupo Casais with a turnover of more than 682 million euros

The Minister of Housing visited today two different points of the construction company Grupo Casais, in Guimarães and Braga, a group from the Mire de Tibães that closed the year 2022 with a turnover of 682 million euros, 143 million more than in 2021.

Of the global cake, 440 million euros for the group were transferred abroad, largely thanks to investment strategies in new markets, such as North America or the Middle East, and the use of new sustainable manufacturing methods, a reason that led to the visit of the minister.

In a statement sent to O MINHO, the group recalls the focus on construction processes with industrialized and prefabricated solutions, which can be reused and lead to savings in time and money, as observed “in detail” by government official Fernanda Rodrigues.

The aim of today’s administration and government meeting was, according to the group, to make known the implemented systems that lead to more sustainable and affordable constructions.

According to the Casais Group, in addition to market growth, “these solutions also reduce the carbon footprint by more than 60%, thanks to the use of treated wood and significantly less concrete compared to traditional buildings.”

Recall that, in February, it was announced the purchase of part of an Austrian company that uses wooden components for prefabricated structures in construction, which allows the group to offer this type of construction technology “everywhere” and “faster”. increase in business volume.

The Foreign Minister visited the hotel in Guimaraes and the factory in Braga

During the visit, Fernanda Rodrigues got to know in detail the B&B Guimarães hotel, which is being built by the Casais group, which is the first building of hybrid construction in the Iberian Peninsula. The grand opening is scheduled for the end of this month.

For the team, this building is an example of a balance between productivity, people and the planet and uses a biomaterial that stores carbon in a circular economy philosophy.

Photo: Casais Group

The foreign minister also visited BluFab, the industrial unit of the Casais Group for off-site construction, in Braga, with “more efficient solutions and less consumption of resources, to combat the shortage of raw materials and labor in the sector”.

The CEO of the Group, António Carlos Rodrigues, regarding the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, said that the recognition of a visit by the government to verify these developments “is a great pride and motivation to continue walking on the path of innovation”.

The Casais Group, according to the description on its website, has resilience as its principle, promoting the construction of resilient infrastructure, inclusive and sustainable industrialization and innovation.

The company, which was created in 1958 in Mire de Tibães, Braga, and where it still has its headquarters, is today one of the largest construction companies in Portugal, while also maintaining its family character. It currently operates in 17 countries and, in 2022, won the Construir Award for Best Construction in Portugal for the 5th time, as well as 3rd place as Best Place to Work, having closed the year with a total turnover of over 682 million.

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