March 30, 2023

Golegã produces Jewish piri-piri for McDonald’s in Israel – Industry

Casa Mendes Gonçalves, producer of sauces, vinegars and condiments for the Paladin, Peninsular and Dona Pureza brands, produced in 2022 more than 184 million units – which comply with Jewish law – for the North American chain in the country.

In 1982, when there were many companies producing wine vinegar, Mendes Gonçalves, father and son, decided to innovate: they created fig vinegar, appreciating a national and local product – the fig from Torres Novas.

At the beginning of the new century, Casa Mendes Gonçalves took a big leap forward: it bought Paladin and opened a packaging factory, later starting to produce sauces (mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup).

Currently, with headquarters and a factory in Golegã, this company employs 330 people and exports its sauces, vinegars and seasonings to 40 countries, having “been chosen to produce some of the sauces of the international chain McDonald’s in Israel”, it announces the Casa Mendes Gonçalves. this Wednesday, February 15 in an announcement.

In 2022, the Golegã unit produced “more than 184 million units for McDonald’s Israel,” including mayonnaise and other sauces, in a total of 10 references, both in the kitchen and at the counter, the company details.

“Joining McDonald’s Israel required a very large adjustment of all our processes, as it was mandatory to have Kosher certification, a certification that specifies the absolute non-contamination of raw materials that have not been certified by local bodies, such as certain meats, which require strict control of all products, from origin to final product,” explains Marisa Oliveira, head of sales and customer service at Casa Mendes Gonçalves.

For the company, entering the Israeli market and the necessary Kosher certification, “gives Casa Mendes Gonçalves a great competitive advantage in this market and in others where Kosher certification is required.”

Owner of brands such as Paladin, Peninsular and Dona Pureza, the Golegã company has been producing for McDonald’s Portugal since 2012, having by 2022 produced “around 23 million units” for the North American restaurant chain in the national territory.

“This partnership has raised our level of quality and safety”, emphasizes Marisa Oliveira. “The cooperation with McDonald’s is an incredible daily challenge, which makes us grow and open international horizons, which is a source of pride for the whole company”, concludes the company manager himself.

Positioning itself as a flexible and “built” “house of brands”, adapting its production processes to the needs of customers, Casa Mendes Gonçalves is present “in McDonald’s Morocco and carried out some “in&outs” with McDonald’s Romania”.

“We want to be in a good position to grow in other markets. However, the goal is to consolidate the current strategy and only then expand our operation alongside this large international chain,” Marisa Oliveira signals.

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