March 29, 2023

go shopping; 12 tips to save money on your grocery bill

NoAt a time when food prices continue to rise, even with slowing inflation, there are some savings tips that can make a difference. If you go shopping, put these DECO Proteste recommendations on your list and take them with you in your pocket.

  1. He does one Shopping list is the best way to avoid extra costs. Think about the meals you are going to prepare during the week and resist impulse purchases.
  2. just bring it what you really need. Acquiring essential goods in quantities greater than supply needs (buyer hoarding) is an offense punishable by imprisonment of up to six months or a fine of 50 to 100 days.
  3. In the Super market, compare prices per kilo, liter or unit to see which brands are cheaper. The supermarket chain brands themselves allow some savings, in some cases up to 30%, without compromising on quality.
  4. choose familiar forms, in the case of products that are widely consumed at home and have extended shelf lives, such as coffee, breakfast cereals and pasta, for example. According to a comparative price study, big boxes almost always deliver. But never forget to compare the price per kilo or per unit, as there are cases where the small package is cheaper.
  5. Evaluate if there are fresh products that you can substitute for the quick-freeze version, which is cheaper, or vice versa. According to a study by DECO Proteste, deep-frozen vegetables can be 80% cheaper than fresh, as everything is used.
  6. If you usually buy canned goods, the Glass jars are up to 40% cheaper from cans, plus they are reusable and 100% recyclable. Even so, legumes such as beans and chickpeas are half the price if you buy them dry and prepare them at home. It saves money and packaging, in addition to being healthier: it does not contain additives or the usual excessive salt in cans. You can store them in boxes in the freezer for later use.
  7. Ready-to-eat foods such as pre-cut onions and garlic, sliced ​​mushrooms, dried fruit in shell or sliced ​​carrots are More expensive of the whole numbers. They save some time in meal preparation, but not money.
  8. Look beyond eye-level productswhere the products that retailers are most interested in selling are often placed.
  9. Watch this brochures to find out about the week’s offers. Milk and cereal are products that are often sold at a discount. Check the expiry dates and if they are long, you can bring more than one unit to take advantage of the offer and keep it. Avoid, however, buying more than you need.
  10. Look for the cheapest supermarkets to compare the daily index of different distribution chains for the same basket of products.
  11. See what’s in your cupboard and check expiry dates to avoid food waste. When organizing the closet, put the shortest deadlines first. You should do the same when tidying up the fridge.
  12. THE Traditional trade is a good option to buy fresh, as it is possible to find cheaper products. In addition, they have a good range of national products and are usually closer to home, which can also help reduce fuel costs.

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