Gkay is one of the highlights of Paris Haute Couture Week

Gkay continues to break boundaries in fashion. The Brazilian celebrated yet another achievement by being ranked the most influential figures of Paris Haute Couture Week 2023, which took place from January 23 to 26. Guy appears in 4th place, just behind Jisoo, Kylie Jenner and Doja Catwhich successively occupy the first three positions.

The research was carried out by the famous international agency Karla Otto, which specializes in the study of fashion, beauty, design, lifestyle, art and culture, for the luxury market.

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The Instagram profiles of approximately three thousand digital influencers were monitored through the Lefty technology platform, which supports brands in order to optimize their influencer marketing programs.

Paris Haute Couture Ranking – Edition/Agência Carla Otto

Analyzing the posts in the feed during the four days of Haute Couture, the number of impressions was obtained, that is, the personalities who give the most performance to the brands they promote, and thus the corresponding value, in dollars, was calculated. In fourth place, Gkay registers US$3.8 million.

During Paris Haute Couture Week, three brands were highlighted on the Brazilian influencer’s feed.

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At the opening on January 23rd, Gkay watched the Schiaparelli fashion show from the front row, at the invitation of director Daniel Roseberry. The next day (24th), it was our turn to celebrate the fashion show of Frenchman Stephane Rolland. On the 25th, Gkay was welcomed by the famous Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen in her studio. In addition, she shook things up by sharing a photo wearing a luxurious dress with a giant train and sculptural elements, with a 3D effect.

The news of the ranking surprised Gkay, who shared the ranking with his followers. “Haute Couture Week was a dream for me, it brought an incredible result, but I had no idea it would bring a result of this magnitude. I am very excited. I just have to thank you!” she celebrated.

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