From singer to presenter: Tony Carrera announces a big surprise… with quite a bit of news!

Singer Tony Carreira links up once again with Missão Continente and, in addition to a tour of the country, he will moderate a series of talks with the likes of… Manuel Luís Goucha.

In the year that Missão Continente completes two decades of existence, Tony Carreira has once again been announced as the brand ambassador, with several innovations linked to the event. The revelation took place, this Thursday, 9, in a shopping area in Lisbon, hosted by Manuel Luís Goucha.

“When we talk about Missão Continente, we are talking about a mission that seeks, among schools, to raise awareness of healthier eating and more regulated consumption, all with a view to sustainability. Missão Continente has donated millions of euros in products to the most diverse causes of solidarity , especially for families in need”, praised the presenter, underlining that, out of the already 20 years of Missão Continente, 19 were carried out with “the partnership of TVI”.

Manuel Luís Goucha then spoke for the ambassador. “When we talk about Tony Carreira, apart from all his talent, we talk about the generosity with which he treats the public, we definitely talk about things that he does – and, being supportive, he doesn’t say that he does. – and we are also talking about a man who in recent years, for reasons we all know, has devoted special care to an association that intends to make the dreams of many young people come true, thus perpetuating the dream of his daughter, whom he only lost physically” , he emphasized referring to the Sara Carreira Association, created when the singer died, victim of a traffic accidentin December 2020.

To celebrate 20 years of Missão Continente, various initiatives are being prepared. “Continente is part of my family. Even if, one day, this partnership ends, the memories are so many that it is part of my family. I like the people who work there!” said Tony Carreira, who is related to it. cause of solidarity “for more than 15 years”.

Perfect motto for Sonae MC Marketing Director Tiago Simões to reveal one of the innovations. “Tony’s honor to be a part of our family has materialized into something that is a Mission Continente anthem. It’s spectacular,” he said, while the singer explained that “for the first time,” with him, are singing “partners from Continent”. “It was a great experience,” described Tony Carrera.

But there are many more surprises. One of the highlights is the tour called “Tour Por Todos”, through which the singer will tour Portugal. The charity concerts start on March 18 in Vila Nova de Gaia and end on December 9 in Amarante. Moita, Lousã, Mirandela, Guarda, Torres Novas, Ílhavo, Sintra and Faro are the other locations through which this initiative will pass, which will lead to performances in a “proximity register”, explained Tiago Simões.

Tony Carreira then explained that 50% of each show’s box office will go back “to a local foundation.” The other half, he said, will be earmarked for the Sara Carreira Association.

In addition, the singer will be the face of a documentary, “which, later, can even be shared through TVI”, said Manuel Luís Goucha. “This time I’m the interviewee. And you will be one of the interviewees,” the popular artist joked. It is, therefore, “a set of ten conversations in which Tony Carrera takes the floor”, summarized the presenter.

See, now, in the gallery we have prepared for you, the best images of Tony Carreira.

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