Former “Married at First Sight” contestant is hospitalized

The beginning of this week did not go in the best way for Bruno Lima is Inês Margarida Martins. Moments of panic were experienced by the couple who exchanged rings at the SIC social experience this Monday, March 7. It is that the former contestant of “Married at First Sight” had to be hospitalized urgently.

Through Instagram, Inês Margarida Martins revealed everything that happened. “Status point. Benji was locked in the living room all day today. What happened? This morning I was in the office, Bruno had stayed at home telecommuting, I was on a video call with him and he was feeling bad.”, was originally reported. Faced with this situation, the reporter immediately ran home. “I called INEM, flew home and in the meantime we went to the hospital, he did tests, analyzes and the like.”.

spent the night in the hospital

But, as a precaution and because he has not yet managed to complete all the medical procedures, Bruno Lima had to spend the night in the hospital. “He will have to spend the night there, he still has a test tomorrow morning and the doctors have not been able to discharge him. We already know how the health situation is in Portugal, there are no doctors of this specialty overnight, we will have to wait for tomorrow.”, the woman cooled down. Fortunately, the worst is over. “Bruno is fine, he has recovered, but he has to do tests, he has to do analyzes and that’s it. He had to stay there to sleep, I’m not happy about that, but that’s it, that’s what we have and I’ll be there again tomorrow morning. So send positive vibes, but it’s good.”, added Inês Margarida Martins. In this way, the former contestant of “Married at First Sight” was urgently hospitalized.

This Tuesday morning, the journalist gave an update on the state of her husband’s health: Thank you for all the love messages and well wishes. Brunão is fine, but with no patience for such a long wait… We should be going home soon!”.

Another horror

In the face of everything that happened, the journalist revealed an even greater plight. This time with the couple’s dog, Benji. “When I got home, in all this commotion, I had to lock Benji in the living room, because the INEM gentlemen came here, and when the gentlemen came in he was completely mad, so I had to lock him in the living room, I left. after INEM and he never came back I remembered that the dog was locked in the room. Luckily, it’s all there. His bed, dolls, food, water, everything. But hey, it stayed there all day. They were there nine hours closed”he finally said.

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