Former Girona player says he was tricked into losing and reveals how the scheme works – Girona

Aday Benítez received an offer of 50 thousand euros

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It is one of the topics of the day in Spain and has already led to a complaint by LaLiga with the National Police Center for Integrity in Sports and Betting (CENPIDA). At stake are the claims of former Girona player Aday Benítez, who says he was duped into missing a game in 2016/17 in exchange for €50,000. Benitez, who has already retired, would not reveal which game it was about, but told Cadena SER’s ‘El Bar de Sique’ program that the events took place when the Catalan side were fighting for promotion.

“You know very well that in football there are bags, gloves from behind. I was offered them, but I never accepted,” he began with Aday’s guarantee, before starting a conversation with Sique Rodríguez that we leave here below (transcript from the report of the Journal “AS”):

sich: “Did you get a proposal? Lose?”

One day he shakes his head and confirms: “To lose. Me and a lot of people.”

sich: “How much did they offer you?”

One day: “About 50 thousand euros”.

sich: “And you didn’t accept.”

One day: “It was absurd to accept, because that year we were promoted to the First Division, there was a league game ahead. I wasn’t going to tarnish the whole season for one game, it was absurd to accept. But what I was offered…”

Sikh: “And how is that done?”

One day: “They contact a player, who serves as a link and brings together trusted people in a dressing room. You just have to choose three, buy a goalkeeper, central and striker. So you are already on the right track. But You can’t just buy three players, obviously. I experienced situations in another club, Tenerife, I can’t confirm it, because I wasn’t one of them… But in the last league game, we didn’t have options to go to the playoffs and Sporting did. In principle they would play the less used ones and in the end they played the usual ones and we lost 3-1. But I can’t confirm because I wasn’t there. I thought it was strange that they played the ones who had been playing all year. We were playing for nothing and besides we had been told that they will play the less used ones. On the last or penultimate day everything changed.”

The discussion continued and Aday Benítez closed with a revelation… ‘shocking’. “The year we were promoted we would play drunk, it was normal to get thrashed with about 10. In the last game I could barely stand up. But it’s normal,” he pointed out, referring to the fact that at the time the Catalans had already been promoted and were in a party mood.

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