Forget expiration dates. Please adhere to these deadlines.

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If a product is past its expiration date, it doesn’t mean it’s spoiled. Know when food is no longer safe to eat.

He opens the refrigerator and notices that he has forgotten a container of mustard in a corner. Take it and check the expiry date. Two weeks have passed since the day on the label. What is he doing? Throw it in the trash, smell it and see if it still smells good, or do you keep it?

Well, first of all, know that the expiration dates of products are not exactly expiration dates. the vision New York Times. This means that it is not an exact science and therefore not to be followed religiously.

The date on the package is the manufacturer’s estimate of the on the last day the food will be at its peak. However, the food may still be safe to eat after this date.

The best way to determine if food is still safe to eat is just to use your senses: smell, look and to try the food before consuming it. If it looks spoiled or has a strange smell, it’s better to throw it in the trash.

Additionally, if you are not sure about the safety of a product, it is always better to err on the side of caution and throw it away. However, there is nothing better than being informed and knowing what to do for sure in the most varied situations.

Start by knowing this vinegar, honey, vanilla or other extracts, sugar, salt, syrup of corn and molasses they last practically a lifetime. The same goes for the flour White. Wholemeal flour and other wholemeal flours start to take on a metallic smell after a few months.

THE bread bought from the bakery begins to harden the next day, but begins to mold after almost a week. Supermarket loaves, on the other hand, can stay fresh and fluffy in the fridge for weeks.

You dried beans and lentils They are safe to eat years after purchase, but they will get tougher and take longer to cook over time.

In the spices it is something that always raises doubts. The truth is that they don’t break down and, at the limit, they just lose “power”.

As for the products Canned, do not worry. If there are no obvious signs of deterioration, such as rust or mildew, they are good to eat.

The small button on the top of jarred products, which inflates if there is significant bacterial activity inside the jar, is still the best way to tell if the contents are safe to eat, the North American paper explains.

THE oil which is in a sealed package also has no expiry date. If the bottle is already open, it is best to keep it away from heat to extend its shelf life.

remember it mustard what we talked about at the beginning Don’t worry – it lasts forever. THE ketchup, in turn, it starts to change color after a year, but is still edible. The biggest surprise, however, will be the Mayo. Contrary to popular wisdom, mayonnaise has a tremendous shelf life, especially when it doesn’t contain lemon juice or garlic in the ingredients.

as for the eggs, it also takes a long time for them to break down. It is best to use your sense of smell.

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