March 30, 2023

For the seventh time on the cover of Manequim, Regiane Alves exudes romance with trends

In March 2023, Regian Alves takes its cover Mannequin Magazine for the seventh time! The actress once again exuded style and subtlety as she spoke about the importance of her latest TV work, the character Clearin go by faithfrom Globo TV.

Regiane Alves is the cover of Manequim nº 757 – Pino Gomes (@pinogomes)

Regiane Alves is the cover of Manequim nº 757 – Pino Gomes (@pinogomes)

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At 44, she said she’s doing well with maturity, despite the controversy the role has brought into her life. When setting goals for this year, for example, the actress listed: “I suggest more than ever to be happy, live one day at a time and always respect the next”.

About fashion, moreover, he happily talked about the cover, after all, he posed in party looks: “It boosts self-esteem. Every woman likes a beautiful look, well-done makeup, high heels, beautiful jewelry.”

For the seventh time on the cover of Manequim, Regiane Alves exudes romance with trends

With pieces that bring the trends of the moment – such as lace and transparency, Regiane Alves, therefore, combined style with elegance.


The strapless dress has a bra-like arrangement at the bust, with cups and a Taquara-padded band, especially for this purpose. The top is thick and satin crepe. The skirt is lace with a crepe lining. The bow at the front surrounded by a fringe is an optional detail: like a pin, fastened with a click“.

Regarding the look, the actress commented:Super feminine. I loved the delicacy of the lace, the mix of fabrics and tones. The strapless top has comfortable support and the bow is pure charm.“.

DRESS Idrissi Dress (R$400)

EARRINGS Toni Barros Jewelry (BRL 499)

Dumond SANDALS (BRL 299)


7.10m of tulle is needed to make this model. First, you need to pleat the fabric for the skirt ruffles, which are cut in the opposite direction of the thread. At the top, as the tulle strip is longer, it is completely gathered by hand to fit the size of the lining: continue to assemble and pin, and finally use invisible stitches to join one part to another. The lining of the skirt is puffy“.

I felt like a queen in this dress. Transparency gives lightness and frills with frou-frou, the romantic touch“, so Regiane Alves rated Manequim de Março’s cover.

DRESS Le Bronstein (8,800 BRL)

Schutz SANDALS (Price on request)

EARRINGS Toni Barros Jewelry (BRL 299)

BRACELET Toni Barros Jewelry (BRL 499)


An embroidered tulle is the basis of the model, which acquires glamor with the embroidery done with pearls and crystals. From the fabric, use the hemmed side to finish the skirt: just line up the design close to the edge of the fabric. The black detail is a grosgrain ribbon. Underneath, the crepe lining is strapless“.

In addition, he emphasized:The look I liked the most. A beautiful dress with lace, embroidery. I felt ready for a special celebration“.

DRESS Lethicia Bronstein Atelier (10,000 BRL)

Dumond SANDALS (BRL 299)

EARRINGS AND RING Toni Barros Jewelry (BRL 399, earrings and BRL 249, ring)


The fabric used here is a tulle mesh and the lining is a laise mesh. The skirt also has another lining, crepe, and on the side of the dress there is a cut of second skin tulle. At the waist, the guipure lace is like a belt. In the skirt, three layers of leaves are connected to another skirt, also layered, which is underneath. The entire crepe lining goes under both. In general, tulle fabric does not fray, so no hemming is necessary. When in doubt, check first“.

I loved the movement and lightness of this dress. A chic and timeless model“, he then added.

Ateliê Alexandrina DRESS (2,100 BRL)

Dumond SANDALS (BRL 299)

EARRINGS AND RING Toni Barros Jewelry (BRL 499, earrings and BRL 249, ring)


The basis of the asymmetric model is the crepe lining and tulle as the main fabric. The question here is to have pieces of guipure lace as well as ribbons to assemble the designs. From the lace, cut the hem and the flowers that will be spread over the dress. The rounded parts are made with tape. In the pattern notebook, there is an exact indication of the materials, which you can use to copy the model or create your own!

Finally, Regiane commented:The application of fine, handmade lace is luxury and the highlight of this model.“.

Lethicia DRESS

Bronstein Atelier (12,500 BRL)

Dumond SANDALS (BRL 299)

EARRINGS Toni Barros Jewelry (BRL 579)


Achievement of Maria Helena da Fonte @maria_helena_fonte

Photos by Pino Gomes @pinogomes

Photo assistant Hyago Castro @hyagokastro

Cristian Heverson Fashion Edition @cristian_heverson

Beauty Walter Lobato @walterlobato_

Beauty assistant Matheus Eduardx @matheuseduardx

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