For Millionaires: The 10 Most Insanely Expensive Games on Steam

PC game lovers definitely have an account at Steam, the distribution platform containing some of the most popular game titles for Windows, Linux and MacOS. And if you’re in the habit of checking out releases, you might have noticed that the most expensive games on the platform tend not to fit every gamer’s pocket.

If you’ve already browsed the store from cover to cover and come across stratospheric values, don’t worry: there are some titles out there. And make no mistake: these aren’t modern games with current $70 values ​​or very expensive Deluxe editions, but some that don’t make much sense. With that in mind we’ve created a list of prohibitively priced titles. Checkout.

10. Fix My Cat Doc

Developed by TIT Studios, Fix My Cat Doc is the tenth most expensive game on Steam. It is a simulator in which the player assumes the role of a veterinarian, whose mission will be to save as many animals as possible from suffering.

The title has subtitles, a simple interface, in which the player has 8 hospitals available, a coin collector every two hours, in addition to infinite kittens waiting for you to take care of them. Fix My Cat Doc Court fees BRL 539.99and is available for Windows.

9. Ultimate Race on the Motorway

The ranking of the ninth most expensive game on Steam is from Ultimate Race on the Motorway, a title developed by TITA Studios, released in May of last year. Created for Windows, the game puts you in the role of a driver who has to drive his car as far as possible on the highway without getting involved in accidents, collecting some diamonds along the way.

The vehicle has a set and constant speed of 75 km/h, so all players are challenged under the same conditions. To use one of the 27 cars available at Ultimate Race on the Motorwayyou must disburse his trifle BRL 539.99.

8. Hidden Post-Apocalyptic 3 Top-Down 3D

(Source: Top-Down Games/Reproduction)Source: Top-Down Games

for modicums BRL 539.99, Hidden Post-Apocalyptic 3 Top-Down 3D, a game created by Top-Down Games, can be yours. The title has players searching for hidden objects in beautiful locations.

Available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux, the 3D game features frozen objects and characters, so you’ll find 20 different objects on each map. It is the system itself that will determine which item to look for, modified each time.

7. Break Everything – Park

(Source: Hede/Reproduction)Source: Hede

Created by Hede, Break Everything – Park was released earlier this year and has already entered the list of the most expensive games on Steam: it costs BRL 539.99. Owning a toy rifle, you have to shoot the balls to destroy the objects. The player has to do it as fast as possible, to be in the top positions of the ranking.

6. Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy Ultimate Edition

Created by Koei Tecmo Games, Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy Ultimate Edition is the sequel to another successful title from the developer. Its value is salty: BRL 549.50which earns it a spot on Steam’s most expensive games list.

It takes place three years after the events of the previous game, featuring Ryza and her friends reuniting in search of a priceless treasure. Available for Windows.

5. coop

(Source: SosiskaGames/Reproduction)Source: SosiskaGames

coop it enters the list of games that are heavy on the pocket with its cost BRL 869. The game created by SosiskaGames turns the player into a rooster, who needs to keep the coop he lives in tidy. You have to take good care of the chickens, making them lay eggs and live happily. coop is available on Steam for Windows.

4. Claus Adventure

(Source: HotFoodGames/Reproduction)Source: HotFoodGames

First title on the list to break the four-figure barrier, Claus Adventure created by HotFoodGames, catching the attention of gamers with its retro look. You take on the role of young Klaus, on a journey where he had to find his strength and agility, to return to his universe as a strong and experienced being.

To pass each level, you will have to look for new skills, especially those that help you advance in the game. There are many levels in a metroidvania sub-genre title. You liked it; simply disbursement BRL 1,089.00. Available for Windows.

3. The official game GamingTaylor, great job!

(Source: GamingTaylor/Playback)Source: GamingTaylor

For nearly five years on the platform, The official game GamingTaylor, great job! is one of the most expensive games on Steam. Developed by GamingTaylor, the title turns you into a zombie slayer, offering you a large collection of weapons and a simple yet bold design.

Built to play on Windows, The official game GamingTaylor, great job! costs nothing more, nothing less than BRL 2,000.69. A value compatible with the size of the game name.

two. Virtual reality experience in free roaming climbing

(Source: Fury Games/Playback)Source: Fury Games

By the beginning of this year, Virtual reality experience in free roaming climbing it was the most expensive game on Steam. The title released by Fury Games in 2019 is an immersive virtual reality experience where you can work together with up to four friends. The goal is to clear the FuriCorp research facility of an alien infestation.

Designed for Windows, this exciting adventure costs a chance BRL 4,600.00, not to mention the gear you can buy to add more complexity to the game. Sure he’s better as a team, but Virtual reality experience in free roaming climbing can also be played in single player mode.

1. The hidden and the unknown

(Source: ProX/Playback)Source: ProX

It tops Steam’s list of most expensive games The hidden and the unknowna game developed by ProX and officially released in January 2023. The title is a story-based game filled with elements of psychology and philosophy.

The fact is that the title, developed for Windows, MacOS and Linux, attracts the attention of the public for its 2D graphics and for not necessarily having a clear goal. In interviews, the director of ProX said that he knows that the game, which costs BRL 5,390.99it may sell little, but that it was created with an awareness of risk.

Besides, as mentioned, The hidden and the unknown it wouldn’t really be a game for any player. Take courage for such honesty.

honorable mentions

The Sims 4

You might be wondering, “wow, but The Sims 4 isn’t even free since late 2022?”. It might be, but it’s worth remembering that EA’s flagship game has received several expansions, aesthetic packs, and several themed DLCs throughout its lifetime. So it’s not the game that’s expensive, but its add-ons.

At the time of publishing this article, the complete package with all the additional contents of the title is not cheap: R$ 5,137.00. Undoubtedly, an extremely salty price to have fun in your story, isn’t it?

Train Sim World Franchise

Sim players love all kinds of genres like mechanical simulation, computer building, racing, yard washing and anything else you can think of. However, if your fire is in trains, the famous franchise Train Sim World it can be scary. In the same style as The Sims 4the base game of the three games isn’t expensive, but the DLCs and packs are scary.

Train Sim World 2 in its full content combination, it costs BRL 2,650.96. And, if you thought that was too expensive, be prepared that there is more: the sequel, Train Sim World 3 (which is still receiving content, remember) is currently at BRL 3,393.12. And believe it or not: the original game, Train Sim World Classicit has so much content (almost 700, going up to 692) that Steam can’t even count, but a quick guess might be over R$10,000.

So, have you already purchased any of these Steam games? Tell us what caught your eye, what you would buy if it fits your budget. Don’t forget to share the text with your fellow players. I’ll see you next time.

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