“Flor Sem Tempo” Synopsis: Vasco receives news of his grandfather’s health

Katarina holds her cell phone, tries to talk to her mother, but no one answers and they end up hanging up. The young woman gets frustrated, gets out of the van and throws her cell phone on the ground. When she calms down, she again leaves a new message for her mother, begging for news of her.

Vasco gives Fernando chest compressions while screaming for help and begging his grandfather to react.

Ricardo is asleep, in the tasting room, with a few empty bottles around him. Maddalena arrives, brings a green juice for her son and asks him to take a shower. Ricardo tells his mother that he needs money, and Luis Maria, who has arrived in the meantime, tells him that he will not see another penny.

At PJ’s premises, Catarina follows Diana, confronting her with the call she received from her mother’s cell phone and the winemaker’s car, which also disappeared without a trace. Diana continues with the same speech saying that there is no investigation as two adults have decided to leave.

Vasco waits, nervous, in the hospital corridor. The doctor comes to meet him and tells him that they managed to stabilize Fernando, catheterized and unblocked the artery. Vasco breathes a sigh of relief.

At the Fontes house, Natália prepares two lunch boxes for her son wearing a shiny fur coat. Belmiro says he likes it a lot and says he gave it to Gracida for her birthday. Natália says that maybe it’s better not to keep the coat, as Filipa might be offended, but Belmiro shrugs it off and tells her to enjoy it.

The children’s nanny arrives at Caetana and Maddalena’s feet and hands bound and gagged. Caetana is shocked and the children’s nanny asks her to do the math because she wants to leave. Maddalena comments to her niece that she is the fifth nanny in six months and that the situation seems to be more complicated than they expected.

Toze is euphoric when Katarina tells him about the phone call she received from Leonor, she wants to tell his sisters that their mother is alive, but the young woman asks him to be careful because, before they say it, they must be careful not to create false hopes. Toze agrees and tells his sister that his father is in the hospital, says it was nothing serious and comments that at least he’s not drinking there.

At the hospital, Catarina pushes Jorge, who is still drunk in his wheelchair, and lectures him that she and her siblings need him well. Catarina says she got a call from her mother’s cell phone and Jorge is incredulous, but happy with the news.

The doctor. Henrique tells Fernando to thank his grandson because if it wasn’t for Vasco, he could have died. The doctor talks about the heart pills and Vasco realizes that his grandfather already knew he had heart problems and hadn’t told anyone. Fernando explains to his grandson that he wants to keep it a secret, as the family is desperate to die. Just then, Vasco sees Katarina walking down the hall and leaves, saying he’ll be right back.

Vasco walks down the hospital corridor, but he no longer sees Katarina. Head for the exit. When he gets outside, he sees the young woman getting into the van, but he can’t reach her anymore. The mirror falls, without realizing it, and Vasco picks it up and follows it into the car, behind her.

Katarina continues on her way when she realizes that there is a car behind her, whistling at her. He tries to downshift, lose speed, but the box doesn’t respond. Jorge can’t help it and the van begins to speed up a descent. Vasco, when he realizes that the car is about to swerve, moves forward in the jeep and gets in front of the van to try to stop it. Will Fernando’s grandson be able to save them?

*The episode summary is subject to change depending on the version of the telenovela

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