“Flor Sem Tempo” Synopsis: Turnaround! Katarina and Vasco decide to take charge of their love

At the dive center, David instructs Toze, who is very enthusiastic and promises to do everything as agreed. Catarina’s brother asks David if it is true that Fernando built his fortune with Nova Lisboa’s treasure, and the diver tells him that it is a story that can be told, but that it is impossible.

Vasco wakes up in a bad mood and Mariana wants to know if he has anything to do with it what did he tell you about catarina and jaime. The CEO says he’s already spoken to Catarina, but doesn’t continue the conversation and says he’s going for a walk to get some air. Once off the boat, Mariana receives a call from Croatia and becomes very tense.

Tozé and David enter the water and the instructor makes sure the boy is safe and everything is under control. Katarina’s brother is blinded by a shiny object he sees and ends up losing David. At that moment, Leonor’s son sticks his flipper on a rock and starts to get very upset. Natalia’s son appears, signals him to calm down and lets him go.

Rosa goes to the changing room of the club, always looking around, afraid of meeting Magda again. Cláudia, who is also there, confronts her mother, wanting to know if she is back with António. The winemaker tells him that she feels safer with him, but guarantees that they are just friends. Diana, who was also in the locker room, overhears the whole conversation.

Salvador makes sure he is alone with his grandfather and asks him about the woman who was at the mill. Eduardo contrives that he called the police, but that it must remain a secret between them, and gives a console to his grandson, who is fascinated. Vitória appears and says she is ready, she is very happy to go on a trip with her husband.

At the laundromat, Catarina tells Jaime what Vitória suggested, and the boy thinks she shouldn’t let the Torres family affect her feelings for Vasco, since he’s already given her proof that he’s on her side. Jorge’s daughter hesitates, but her friend tells her to think about it.

At the dive center, David is furious with Toze and tells him that he won’t take him out to sea again, as he warned him not to leave his side. The boy thought David had seen his mark and guaranteed it wouldn’t happen again. Vera comes to her brother and asks about the treasure. The diver is enraged when he realizes that Toze has been talking about the matter with the family.

Jorge goes to the pharmacy and invites Julieta for coffee, but tells her that he really wanted to invite her to dinner, but, unfortunately, he has no money to pay. The apothecary ends up saying that she will pay her, and Katarina’s father leaves very happy.

At the gym, Mariana talks, very nervously, to Caetana and tells her that she got a call from Croatia. Vasko’s sister says he helps her as much as he helps her. Mariana says she’s trying, but she can’t tell. Caetana goes to call the lawyer and see what she can do, but warns Mariana that she needs to try a little harder.

Diana goes to her mother’s house to get her statement about the night Margarida was killed. Natalia argues with her daughter, as she thinks she wants to be arrested again, but the inspector says she just needs to tell her what happened, as it looks like either she or Fernando is lying. The housekeeper tells what happened that night: the boss shot because he was scared after hearing the gunshot earlier. Diana thanks her mother and leaves.

Vera enters the house to find Jorge, mop in hand, complaining about everything and everyone. The daughter asks what happened and says the fridge is broken and the kitchen is flooded. The young woman asks her father to call someone to deal with the matter, and when Jorge asks about Catarina, his sister tells him that it is the father who has the duty to solve the problems.

Katarina sits on the sand and contemplates the landscape. As he is about to leave, he sees Vasco, in the distance, and decides to start running towards him, as if directed by some force. When she comes face to face with Fernando’s grandson, the girl gives him a passionate kiss and tells him she’s going to stop running because that’s where she wants to be. The two kiss again, very much in love.

*The episode summary is subject to change depending on the version of the telenovela

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