March 29, 2023

“Flor Sem Tempo” Synopsis: Filipa and Ricardo get involved in Torres’ warehouse

The Valentes remain confused, confronted by Gaspard, who tells them that they either pay the rent or they will have to leave the house. Toze and Jorge want to beat him and Catarina is not satisfied with his attitude, since he never cared for anything about her grandmother and, only now that she is dead, he shows up to enjoy the goods. Gaspar gives them a day to decide what to do and leaves.

The party is happening, with great animation. Ricardo is dancing with Filipa when Luis Maria, Eduardo and Maddalena enter and are stunned by the scene. Ricardo, as soon as he realizes that the situation is going wrong, grabs a bottle and starts running, dragging Filipa with him. Eduardo throws them out, threatening to call the police.

Ricardo and Filipa have just entered the warehouse and are looking to hide. They are more excited than afraid that someone will find them. Luis Maria arrives at the warehouse but, not finding his son, ends up leaving. Ricardo laughs and tells Philippa that he is thinking about what they will do next. The two look at each other and end up kissing passionately. Ricardo begins to undress her while kissing and grabbing her.

Later, Philippa enters the house, smiling and wearing glasses, to find her stepmother waiting for her. Natalia throws her the underwear she put in Belmiro’s coat and tells her her plan went wrong. Filipa is so happy that she does not let herself be swayed by Natalia’s provocations, who ends up calling Belmiro, to see the state his daughter has reached.

Caetana and Bruno cross paths at the club and he tries to convince the reporter to publish more news to tarnish Vasco’s image. Bruno tells her that if he gets a scoop, he’ll make the proposal to the editor-in-chief, but if his goal is to make fake news, don’t count him out.

At Valente’s house, Tozé, Vera and Jorge join Catarina and Marta and decide to collect all the money they have to see if they can pay a month’s rent in advance. However, they quickly realize that there is not enough money, and Catarina says that she will try to ask her boss for an advance.

At the pie house, Cremilde arrives with the money, but tells Elisa and Teodoro that circumstances have changed and therefore lends the money, but wants a percentage in the partnership. The brother thinks it is fair. Eliza understands fifteen percent, but is quite irritated and upset.

At the laundromat, Filipa tells her brother that she was with Ricardo. Jaime thought it was homosexual, but he compliments his sister because he thinks the boy is hot. Philippa smiles and confesses that she is in love.

Ricardo is still wearing the clothes from the day before and has two pills in hand when Luis Maria walks in, throws a backpack on the sofa and throws him out of the house. Ricardo says he can’t leave, because he has no money and nowhere to go. The father is not worried and says that he is tired of his poverty.

In the kitchen, Catarina asks Caetana for an advance when Vitoria overhears and abuses her, implying that she wants the money to leave, like her mother. Vasco, who enters at that moment, tells his mother that he has no right to speak like that to anyone, much less the farm employees. Catarina is disturbed, but does not give a weak part.

At the pharmacy, Philippa is shocked to see the condition of Juliet’s eye. Kremild thinks her colleague is making faces and the two start arguing. Jorge enters and Cremild hurries to the warehouse, leaving Juliet to look after him.

Catarina prepares fruit for Salvador and Lorenzo while she talks to Natalia and tells her that she needs to find a home for her family. The girl sees that her brothers are putting spices in her food, but she hides it and pretends to like it, much to their dismay.

Diana goes to Antonio’s house and tells him that she is tired of calling him, to make a statement. Antonio replies that he was busy and nervous about the situation, as he exchanged some rude messages with Margarida when he found out that she was also having an affair with David. Diana is surprised by this information and tells her nephew Juliet that it is time to go with her to the police station.

Luís Maria tries to get information about Catarina from Natália. She tells him that Katarina is a good girl and that she is very worried about her family. Luis Maria asks her if she is not talking about Leonor, and the housekeeper tells him that Katarina thinks she saw her mother, in the cemetery, on the day of her aunt’s funeral.

In the garden, Catarina is at the top of a ladder trying to reach her backpack, which Salvador and Lorenzo threw on the roof. Vasco finds her and asks her to get down, as he is taller and easier to reach. Katarina retreats and Vasco manages to retrieve his backpack. When she comes down the stairs, the farm CEO kisses her.

*The episode summary is subject to change depending on the version of the telenovela

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