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Buying a car or motorcycle doesn’t have to be a headache. Through FleetData, dealerships and groups, finance companies, used dealers, fleet managers, brands, car rentals, industry-dedicated software companies and the media can effortlessly obtain all the specialized information needed for cars and motorcycles, either Portugal or Spain market.

This range of markets benefits FleetData’s customers, as they are informed of “quite different realities, namely in countries with a much larger territorial, population, economic and fiscal dimension,” explains Luís Ribeirinho, FleetData’s sales director.

“Today we evaluate any vehicle in the light vehicle fleet”

Luis Ribeiroinhosales manager at FleetData

Created in 2004, the company presents some innovations. One of them is the integration into the database of motorbikes, motorbikes and 2, 3 and 4 wheeled motorbikes, with prices and technical characteristics of vehicles sold in the Portuguese market, current and older. “By applying our methodologies and knowledge, we started to provide the same information we have for light cars to this type of vehicle. That is, prices and technical characteristics and used values ​​in the professional and retail markets today (spot) or values ​​in the future (forecast)’.

This decision was linked to the growing demand from potential and current FleetData partners for information in this area, which “has become increasingly important in the mobility landscape with significant annual growth rates and in contrast to what is happening with cars”.

Asked how this new motorcycle and motorbike database is behaving, Luís Ribeirinho replies that “the process is progressing normally and according to expectations”. “As expected, the end customer market – people with a need to travel, but less subject to traffic restrictions, parking, lower costs of acquisition and use – has a growing interest in this type of vehicle, which is increasingly a facilitated form of mobility , specifically in cities. Therefore, our usual business partners also have a growing need for information in this area,” he says.

“Our partners have a growing need for motorcycle information”

Luis Ribeiroinhosales manager at FleetData

Appraises vehicles of all ages

Another innovation is based on the fact that FleetData’s databases allow industry professionals to quickly search for vehicles of different ages.

“Essentially, one of our innovations was that we changed the world of used vehicles that we can evaluate and that was only for vehicles up to 15 years old. Today, and regardless of their age, we evaluate any vehicle in the light car fleet,” guarantees Luís Ribeirinho , continuing: “An effort has also been made to include imported vehicles in this universe and their correct classification and valuation, since in many cases they are quite different from the vehicles sold in Portugal.”

Unbeatable service offering

FleetData stands out in the market for its ability to provide important information about the entire life cycle of a vehicle, from purchase to resale, including its operating costs – maintenance, tyres, taxes and taxation for companies. The main advantages of the services offered by FleetData are the following:

• It provides information in various ways, on the values ​​of vehicles and equipment, as well as on their technical characteristics.
• The same applies to the projected future values ​​of these vehicles depending on a specific period and mileage of use. As well as the costs associated with the same use, such as the fiscal implications for companies, because the costs for them must be adjusted compared to the specific use costs;
• FleetData evaluates a used vehicle at the present moment (spot) in a very professional, independent and realistic way, taking into account the situation at all times, both in the professional market and in the end customer, retail market.

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