find the frog in the scene

Ever wonder how well you solve? mysteries? If you are a very competitive person, you have probably asked yourself this question, but how many times have you tried it? Today’s test is made just for those people who want to test their concentration and perception skills.

If there are still doubts about the importance of these skills, know that, whether in academia or in the workplace, they are among the most in demand. The key issue here is this: when it comes to developing concentration and/or awareness, not many people care.

However, this attitude is completely wrong, as certain skills are very important, either to achieve some professional success or to improve in studies.

Having the ability to stay focused, even under pressure, is something very difficult to achieve, but essential to life in general. So how about a little workout?

Test: Can you find the frog?

Now that the importance of developing your skills has been put into context, let’s put them to the test! Below is an image depicting a rainy day with some people sheltering from the rain.

Amidst so much going on at the same time, few people realize that there is one on stage frog very well hidden. Nevertheless, the test is very simple, even if “simple” does not mean “easy”.

All you have to do is find the frog in the picture. However, since the goal here is to develop your ability to concentrate, there is a 20 second time limit for this.

So get your stopwatch or cell phone ready to manage your time, and then tick off 20 seconds. Now, let’s get to the challenge. Value!

Image: Cia. Books/Reproduction

Time’s up! Did you find the frog?

How was? Did you manage to find the animal? In case you didn’t succeed, you have two options: you can leave the test and see the picture below, with the answer. Or, you can reduce it and try again, but this time with another 15 seconds.

By slowing down time, the goal is to keep up the pressure to make time run. With this in mind, you can repeat the test with 5 seconds less each time.

If you enjoyed this challenge, you can search for it here at Multiverse Newsand find many similar ones.

Now, check the test answer below:

Image: Cia. Books/Reproduction

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