March 30, 2023

Find out how to get free psychological care in Goiânia and Anapolis

According to the Vigitel Survey 2021, Brazil has shown an increase in cases of depression. About 11.8% of Brazilians reported a medical diagnosis of the disease. Research by the World Health Organization (WHO) also points out that almost 10% of the population lives with anxiety, making Brazil the most anxious country in the world.

In addition to these disorders, there are still some situations in which psychological counseling can be beneficial, such as patients with terminal illnesses, victims of abuse, and others.

However, according to data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the national average family income in Brazil was R$1,625 in 2022. In this scenario, psychological therapy tends to be considered a luxury that does not fit into the Brazilian budget.

However, in Goiania and Annapolis, there are places that offer free shelter for those seeking psychological care.


Center for Studies, Research and Psychological Practice (CEPSI-PUC Goiás)

Address: Rua Colônia, Block 240C, Lots 28 and 29, Jardim Novo Mundo

Phone: (62) 3946-1198/(62) 3946-1249

To participate, simply register as per the instructions available on the website.

UNIALFA School-Clinic

Address: Avenida Perimetral Norte, nº 4.129, Vila João Vaz

Phone: (62) 3272-5089

The service is scheduled via the contact phone.

Clinic-School of the Federal University of Goiás (UFG)

Address: Rua Delenda Rezende s/n – Psychology Course Secretary, Room 115, Faculty of Education, University Sector

Phone: (62) 3209-6208

Registration must be done directly at the clinic. It will then be analyzed and edited in order of arrival.


Anhanguera College Clinic-School

Address: Avenida Universitária, 683, Centro

Phone: (62) 4015-9431

Scheduling can be done both by phone and in the clinic.

Clinic-School of the Metropolitan School of Annapolis (Fama)

Address: Av. Fernando Costa, nº 49, Vila Jaiara St. North

Phone: (62) 3310-0000

The channels available for download are: via the website and WhatsApp under the Community Service tab.

UniEVANGÉLICA Clinic-School

Address: Av. Universitária, s/n – Cidade Universitária, Block E, 2nd Floor

Phone: (62) 3310-6764

Registration on the waiting list takes place via the contact phone, with priority for referrals from SUS or the Unified Social Assistance System (Suas).

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