February 2023 PS Plus

Every month I post it here on the Nerd Maldito Blog, and here’s another post focused on Playstation Plus. Just as Games With Gold is an interesting service for Xbox users, owners of a family Playstation console also end up with their own version of the service, which is Playstation Plus. This service offers a number of benefits for subscribers and even monthly games.

With the subscription, you get the ability to play online, get special in-game items every month, get free cloud storage and also get exclusive game purchase discounts that make it cheaper to sign up and buy the game than just Buy . But without a doubt the most fun perk is the full “free” games released every month for its subscribers to download and play at will. And these are the games of the month!

PS Plus Games of the Month for February 2023

PlayStation Plus Essential

OlliOlli World (PS4/PS5)

OlliOlli World is a personality-filled platform skateboarding game where the player explores the vibrant world of Radlandia and meets interesting characters while performing skateboarding tricks. It is possible to customize the appearance, maneuvers and style of the character and challenge other players to championships or share the created stages. The game is characterized by fluid gameplay and accessibility, as it is the third release of the acclaimed OlliOlli series from the Roll7 studio. OlliOlli World offers an incredible experience with precise controls and refined gameplay, allowing both beginners and professionals to enjoy the epic tracks of Radlandia and customize the character to their liking.

Mafia Definitive Edition (PS4)

The game “Mafia: 1930s, Lost Heaven” is the first part of the Mafia crime saga. In this game, rebuilt from the ground up, the player controls taxi driver Tommy Angelo, who, after a chance encounter with the mafia, becomes involved in a dangerous world of crime. As he grows closer to the Salieri family, Tommy discovers that the opportunities are enticing and decides to rise through the ranks of the mob during Prohibition. The game offers a well-recreated 1930s cityscape along with an expanded story, gameplay, and original soundtrack. It is a classic remake that brings an experience faithful to the original game, but even more enriched.

Evil Dead: The Game (PS5/PS4)

Evil Dead: The Game is a co-op multiplayer game where players control characters from the iconic Evil Dead franchise, including Ash Williams. They work together to close the rift between worlds, exploring, looting and facing their fears. The game is inspired by the three original Evil Dead movies and the Ash vs Evil Dead TV series. In addition, players can choose to fight for the forces of good or control the mighty Kandarian Demon to hunt down other players. The game features realistic graphics and physics-based action to convey the horror. Players can choose from a wide variety of weapons to wreak havoc on the armies of darkness.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light [DLC] (PS5/PS4)

In Destiny 2: Beyond Light, a dark new empire is born from the pyramid ship on the frozen borders of Europe. The Guardians come together to take down the empire, including using Darkness’s elemental power, Stasis. Players explore Jupiter’s icy moon Europa and challenge its weather to uncover secrets. There are new subclasses for Titans, Warlocks and Hunters to explore and a new Deepstone Crypt raid for players to challenge. There are also new rewards and quests to discover in this new chapter in the Destiny 2 universe.


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What is Playstation Plus?

With the launch of PSN (Playstation Network) in 2010, which gave access to online games on Sony’s consoles. And soon came PS Plus (Playstation Plus), which every month began to give subscribers monthly access to new games. Originally the games were for PS3, PS Vita (Playstation Vita) and Sony PSP (Playstation Portable) portable consoles. But over the years games have changed, offering PlayStation Vita TV, PS4, PS5 and Sony Playstation VR.

Initially, Microsoft’s competitor was Games with Gold, which gave access to Xbox Live Gold. But with the arrival of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and its undeniable popularity, Sony soon started preparing something similar. Originally there was talk of a project called Playstation Spartacus, which would be the New Playstation Plus.

In the end the thing turned out to be the same, but updated. So with the same Playstation account, players could choose to upgrade or not. And so the regular subscription began to be called Playstation Plus Essential, followed by Playstation Plus Extra and finally Playstation Plus Deluxe, each with more advantages than the others.

Along with this came Playstation Stars, which is Sony’s loyalty system where the more a player buys, the more prizes the person earns, such as decorations to put on the profile and certain benefits such as priority technical support ( That made crazy bullshit). And Gift Cards (Vale Presentes) became even more popular with this extra spirit in service.

As you can see, quite a bit of travel has been done to the thing, and the games given away each month have varied as well. While many people were crazy to expect a God of War Ragnarok or Horizon Forbidden West at launch to compete with Microsoft’s Day One, Sony commented that this would be difficult to do for games of this size.

But again players varied between high and low depending on the individual of course… Besides, while a Fifa 22 and Fifa 23 or another esports game from EA Games (Electronic Arts) would drive a niche audience crazy, for others it might just be a waste. And from indie games to triple A games from various developers, Sony has distributed a bunch of very different titles, creating a beautiful playstation retrospective over the years.

It also had a great evolution, not only of the video game itself, but also of the consoles, after all the Playstation 2 era has become quite something even from the less robust versions of the ninth generation of consoles with the digital version of the Playstation 5, the Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch. And we’re not even talking about Playstation 5 with Physical Media, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch Oled, or even things like Playstation VR, are we? Hahaha.

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