FC Porto made complaints against Matheus Reis and Frederico Varandas to the Disciplinary Board – FC Porto

FC Porto has submitted two disciplinary reports to the Disciplinary Council (CD) of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) regarding the incidents of the classic match against Sporting, in the Allianz Cup final, informed Francisco J. Marques, Porto Channel, today on Tuesday afternoon. The black-and-white complaints centered on Matheus Reis headbutting referee Joao Pinheiro and Frederico Varandas’ post-match comments. The documents were sent on January 31 and the response rejecting them was given on the same day by the CD. “There are moments when sporting justice works almost at the speed of light. We are waiting for Sunday’s derby to talk about it. In the League Cup final Mateusz Reis behaved, leaning his head on the referee Joao Pinheiro and having the statements on arbitration by the president of Sporting in the garage of the stadium Therefore, FC Porto decided to present two disciplinary reports on January 31, which were sent by email at 1:12 pm. Email check read on 3 :02 p.m., and then FC Porto received two discussions, because of Matheus Reis and because of the statements of Sporting’s president. in nothing,” FC Porto’s communications director began revealing, finding the FPF CD’s decision strange. “According to the Disciplinary Board, considering that the disputed reality in said communication does not lead to evidence of a practice of disciplinary misconduct, since such statements still appear compatible with with the objective review, it is established that the present file is archived. In other words, to say that there is an arbitrator condition is considered an objective criticism. In my view, talking about arbitrator dependencies is not an objective criticism, it is a vague criticism, which makes many people suspicious. All the counselors quickly reached this consensus and decided to archive the file. FC Porto has already appealed this but had to do the appeal without a process number because it wasn’t assigned, it went to TAD, that’s very strange. It is even more strange in the case of Matheus Reis, who had the behavior shown in the images. The Disciplinary Board says that the action was noticed by the referee, therefore unacceptable. of the arbitral panel’s decision,” said Francisco J. Marques.

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