Fatima Campos Ferreira, recently widowed, receives a letter that fills her heart and is comforted by affection – Nacional

Fátima Campos Ferreira received a letter of thanks from a viewer who has been following his work for nearly 20 years.

The message comes at a time when the RTP1 reporter is on mourning the death of her husband, Manuel Rocha, who passed away a month ago. The viewer and fan who wrote the letter even says that he “had no words that could comfort” this “terrible loss” but wanted to talk about the importance the journalist had in his life.

The viewer began to see the “Pros and Cons” program. when I was a child, in the first year of school, and I followed the 18 years of the program until the last episode, in 2020.

“On a television with many news and discussion programs, why did ‘Prós e Cons’ mark me so indelibly? It marked me because Fátima always said ‘at home I understand’ and I was at home listening. When other moderators complicated things, Fátima simplified them because she was able to channel the questions, doubts and concerns that arose in the minds of ordinary Portuguese.For a few hours, visitors from all walks of life were confronted with reality outside the ‘bubbles’ they came from. and, in this Logically, he built the most democratic program on Portuguese television – the true Agora of the 21st century as he called it. in one of the excerpts of the long letter, one and a half pages long. “First Person” started [em 2020], where it continues to be our family gathering on Mondays. Having been a weekly visit for over 20 years, she is already affectionately referred to at home as ‘Fatinha’. In a world of constant change, his steadfast presence forms a safe haven for Monday nights at RTP. Not finding words that could comfort her terrible loss, I felt the need to express my immense gratitude for her role in my rise to adulthood,” underlined the fan of the journalist.

Fátima posted the text on her Facebook with a message of gratitude. “How a letter from a fellow citizen can be a Prize. Thank you!”, she wrote.