March 28, 2023

Fashion student ‘bullshit’ when asking colleagues which outfit is most hated. see video – Lifestyle

Summarizing the News

  • A video has gone viral showing a fashion student interviewing fellow students.
  • A student at a fashion college asks what clothing item people hate the most.
  • The surprise is that the next person in the video always uses the item indicated by the previous one.
  • Netizens and celebrities alike poked fun at the idea of ​​the student, dubbed a genius.

Anna Beatriz won praise online for her “feel” when producing the videos
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A student has gone viral on social media by posting a video asking her college classmates what kind of fashion they hate the most.

Anna Beatriz Egreja walks the halls of the venue asking the other students about the subject, but the great thing about the video editing is that the next person always uses that object indicated as the most hated by the previous interviewee.

So far, the two videos Anna posted have surpassed 2.8 million views on TikTok.

After going viral, on Twitter, one of the videos has more than 3.3 million plays.

“And this diva here is starting the crap in fashion college hahahahaha,” joked Yuri Leal, who was responsible for the post, which made the story even more pumped.

Even celebrities started commenting on Anna’s videos. “Mine is great. People are using it right away,” actress Mel Maia wrote.

“She was great,” said influencer Dora Figueiredo. “Now I want a video with everyone together!!,” asked actress and influencer Gleici Damasceno.

In the comments, Anna was praised by netizens. “If he made a 10 minute video I would watch 10,” wrote Yuri who made the original post.

“This video deserved at least two Oscars: Best Editing and Best Original Screenplay,” joked another person.

“I love her creating controversy in college but in such a well thought out way that no one on the internet will judge. Diva does it like that!” praised another follower.

In an interview with R7the young woman commented on the reaction of netizens and said that she did not expect the response and effects to be so great.

“I loved the reaction of the crowd, because they managed to capture the whole point of the video, from the satire of the world using something that the previous one hates, as well as the idea behind the video, which is: fashion is art, that is relevant. Everyone has a unique style and everyone has something they love and hate. You can hate even such a fashion item, but then there is a person with the hate who knows how to use it very well,” said Anna Beatriz.

“I’m super engaged, I try to reply to everyone because I love the comments (laughs),” she joked.

The student also said how he came up with the idea of ​​recording the images, which went viral: “I had seen a video of a group of people from a college in the US interviewing students, asking who they thought was the most beautiful person in the college. this idea of ​​bringing it into fashion, so I thought of getting an item that someone was wearing. And, to create controversy, I put in ‘hate’.”

Anna Beatriz also answered about a possible meeting of the people appearing in the video: “Undoubtedly (laughs)”.

Watch Anna Beatriz’s second video on the same topic below:

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