Fantasies can drag you into relationships

Each person has a way of seeing the world, depending on their baggage and life experience. And, from this context, the entire basis of behavior is linked to their conscious or unconscious choices of attitudes. For psychology, fantasies work as a defense mechanism for people, which consists of creating thoughts that exist only in the imagination of those who create them, with the goal of providing immediate gratification, which cannot be achieved in real life.

Fantasies are a way to relieve pain or avoid the person needing to deal with their own feelings of guilt, distress or responsibility for something. This resource is often completely unconscious, to relieve pain or discomfort for certain actions.

fantasies and relationships

In the relationship between people, many conflicts can occur due to the different views of everyone involved in the events experienced. If phantasies lie between different views and are often created in the imagination, how can there be no conflicts?

Therefore, people often distance themselves in relationships, with excuses that make sense to the reading of each of the parties involved. Do you realize how important it is to understand human relationships?

We often create feelings of rejection and distance ourselves from people, which they do not understand. The same thing happens when people move away from us and we don’t understand why. The ability to analyze facts, self-awareness and distance yourself from fantasies is a good exercise in maintaining good relationships and avoiding distortions, harming the interaction between people.

Human relationships extend far beyond getting along well with the people around you. They are decisive and influence our motivation, productivity and satisfaction in all areas of life. The ability to develop and maintain good human relationships is vital to achieving good results in personal and professional life.

taking action

Now that you already know about fantasies and how they interfere with human relationships, realize how important it is to put this knowledge into practice. Recognizing what is fantasy and what is reality can greatly help the relationships between you and other people.

Humans need essential social elements for a fuller life, such as social approval, affection, protection, influence, and self-actualization. Between the path of stagnation or growth, the latter is preferable, as it enables us to create healthy and productive relationships by cultivating our experience in relationships with people.

Good emotional and mental structure is extremely important for any relationship, because if we have positive points to work together, we are more likely to receive the same. It is precisely in this context that we can see how essential the factor of self-awareness is. And only in this way can we recognize what is fantasy and reality in relationships with people.

Therefore, to start having healthy relationships on a daily basis, you must be willing to expand your mind and consequently your positive relationships with people.

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