March 29, 2023

Facebook Deliberately Drains Smartphone Battery Life, Ex-Employee Says

Anyone who uses Facebook apps, Messenger included, knows it’s a battery drain nightmare. This relationship has never been clearly supported, but the truth is that they bring problems in this area.

Trying to prove this scenario there is now the testimony of a former Facebook employee, who comes forward to present a new scenario. Meta, with its various apps, consumes unusually high smartphone battery life just to run tests, with all its attendant problems.

Facebook Meta battery tests smartphones

Made for Facebook testing only

This is an idea that has never been clearly proven, but the presence of Facebook apps is sure to consume battery and other resources abnormally. This scenario goes so far as to occur even when these are not open and not in use.

Possible confirmation has now come from a former Meta employee, George Hayward, who revealed this scenario to the New York Post. From what you presented, this is a normal situation in the company and results from what are known as "negative tests". These serve to evaluate other features of the apps, such as their speed or how well an image can be loaded.

Facebook Meta battery tests smartphones

Abnormal battery draining has a reason

Recruited by Meta in October 2019, he quickly rose to this scenario after quickly proving his position against these tests. He tried to show his boss how negative these tests could be, depriving users of the battery, potentially in more sensitive situations.

The strange thing is that Meta would have reacted in a hostile way to its users and tried to impose these tests. According to its leadership, by deliberately harming some users, the company manages to help the vast majority of those who use its applications.

Facebook Meta battery tests smartphones

Normal in smartphones according to Meta

I'm not sure how many people were affected by Facebook's negative tests, but these are believed to be patterns across the company. Upon joining Meta, George Hayward received an internal training document entitled "How to Run Weighted Negative Tests", which included examples of these experiments and how to run them.

This case is now coming to light after the former employee has filed a lawsuit against the creator of Messenger. He ended up being fired in November for refusing to participate in the negative tests. So it becomes clearer that the battery drain complaints that are so often aired may have some basis and be true.

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