March 28, 2023

Fabio Silva’s father and Anderlecht’s departure: “I can’t accept…”

Jorge Silva gave an interview and regretted the misinterpretations left by Fabio’s departure. Former Boavista player points to reasons for ‘divorce’ with Belgians and denies talking to coach

Fabio Silva’s time in Belgian football and Anderlecht was short. On loan from Wolverhampton, the under-21 international spent just six months at what was originally supposed to be a season-long destination and has been caught in the middle of a whirlwind of news that Jorge Silva says is not true. Therefore, the father of the perpetrator gave an interview to the newspaper “DH” to explain the reasons for the separation and denied any dispute with the current coach of the Belgian club, Brian Riemier.

“Whoever stated to the Belgian press that there was a discussion [com o treinador]? We didn’t either and I don’t think it came from within the club. The club has always been friendly with us. But the so-called conversation was all over the Portuguese press, making my son look like a bad kid. I cannot accept that lies are being spread about Fabio. My son is not perfect, but he is a good boy,” he shot, stressing that the striker “deserves to be treated with respect.”

Fabio Silva moved to Anderlecht with the promise that the team would play attacking football. Vincent Kompany’s swap for Felice Mazzù raised some doubts, but despite this, the Under-21 international decided to accept the call-up. “The club assured us that Mazzù was the best coach in Belgium, with the same attacking ideas as Kompany. That’s how we signed. The first two months met our expectations. Although the team didn’t always play well, it won and won Fabio he scores. Then things started to go wrong and Anderlecht changed managers again,” he recalled.

According to Jorge Silva, “Riemier’s entry changed everything”. “Suddenly the system of the game changed. Fabio was alone on an island. His first task was to defend instead of thinking about scoring,” he criticized, without stopping the repairs to the current coach of the club from Brussels.

“I’m Fabio’s biggest critic, but is he to blame for the points drop in Bruges? It’s bad to put it this way, but when you ask a player of Fabio’s quality to run after a ball… style of play, those long balls, that lack of goalscoring opportunities,” listed Jorge Silva, ensuring the problem was “reported to Anderlecht”.

“Regarding that, Riemer said that maybe a breakup would be better. It’s like a relationship. If a marriage doesn’t work anymore, you have to get a divorce. Fabio thanked the coach. It was a mature conversation,” he guaranteed, also addressing the reportedly working with Esposito, now a Bari player, in Italy. “He didn’t ask for it. [jogar com ele], but fans also believed that these two should have spent more time side-by-side on the field. The reason this didn’t happen is not Fabio’s problem,” he concluded.

In the face of a clash of ideas, the solution all parties, including Wolverhampton, found was for Fabio Silva to leave Anderlecht and go on loan until the end of the season to Dutch football and PSV, currently coached by ex-striker Ruud Van . Nistelrooy.

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