Every minute counts: Benfica and Chelsea are not doing well for Enzo

Anything can happen on January 31, but at the start of the final day of the transfer window, Enzo Fernández looks closer to staying at Benfica than Chelsea.

Anything can happen, we persevere. Even on the issue of the termination clause, but at the moment there is no agreement between the clubs. The deal seems so close, yet so far away. This is because talks between the two clubs revolve around the value of the release clause, but there is no agreement on how to pay. And that makes all the difference.

Except that time is running out, which is no less important.

After a few quieter days – and a few more millions invested in other reinforcements – Chelsea decided to go ahead with the ‘final assault’ on Enzo Fernandez. Discussions have intensified in recent hours, but there have been no definitive developments.

Chelsea are offering €120m, the amount set by the release clause, but cannot pay it in cash. To overcome the financial issues of fair play, the English emblem suggests payment in several installments. Benfica, for their part, remain adamant about their intention to receive all the money now: either directly, or through a solution similar to the one used in the sale of Joao Felix. At that time, Atlético de Madrid closed the deal above the termination clause (126 million euros), to take on the cost of the financial operation that allowed Benfica to anticipate the full revenue, thus allowing the Spanish banner to make the corresponding payments subsequently. doses.

In view of this, Enzo Fernández remained in Lisbon early this Tuesday morning. The Argentina international did not take part in the morning training (he only did work in the gym, as Maisfutebol wrote), and was informed, throughout the day, about the lack of communication between the clubs.

His use in the game against Aruka, which will be contested in the final hours of the transfer window (scheduled for 21:15 on Tuesday), is in question.

Any exit must not entail other aid

Time is running out.

If an agreement is reached, the bureaucratic process will always be complicated given the size of the transfer, and the truth is that these processes are deadlocked given the lack of agreement.

This means that, if an agreement is reached, the issue of timing will still have to be overcome.

If Enzo Fernandez moves to Chelsea, Benfica should not go ahead with signing any players to cover that departure.

to what more football discovered, embodied officials understand that, given the context, the solutions for the second half of the season are already in the team.

Florentino has played alongside Enzo, but Fredrik Aursnes can also take the Argentinian’s place, while there are also Chiquinho and João Mário, or even youngster João Neves or Paulo Bernardo.

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