Euribor is falling again. The 12-month interest rate fell 0.6 points in one week | Credit

The Euribor rate fell on Thursday by 0.169 points over three months, 0.146 points over six months and 0.303 points over 12 months compared to yesterday, after Tuesday’s biggest daily drop in three months.

On Tuesday, the Euribor rate fell by 0.204 percentage points for three months, 0.340 points for six months and 0.349 points for 12 months compared to Monday.

The 12-month Euribor rate, currently used in Portugal for variable-rate mortgages, reversed the trend of the last session today, settling at 3.359%, down 0.303 points and from its peak since November 2008 of 3.978% , verified March 9.

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