March 29, 2023

Espinio is proceeding with a criminal complaint against the Chief of Staff of the Municipal Council

The head of the centenarian club announced that “SAD is more than dead” after investors realized that “the work on the Municipal Stadium has stopped”.

Espinho will proceed with a criminal complaint, in the Public Ministry, against Nuno Cardoso, head of the Presidential Support Office (GAP) of the Espinho City Council. The decision was taken on Thursday night, at the meeting led by President Bernardo Gómez de Almeida and attended by around 500 members who filled the auditorium of the Parish Council of Espinho.

The reason for the decision is related to the fact that, as stated by the president of the association, Bernardo Gómez de Almeida, “two hours after she was present at a meeting of the Chamber with the president, where she guaranteed the progress of the work. “, the head of the Presidential Support Office, Nuno Cardoso, presented “a catastrophic scenario”. “He told us that the work on the stadium has stopped and that the Municipal Council is compensating the contractor, he handed us the stadium in its current state, binding the club to complete its construction”.

According to the president of Espinho, who considers “everything that happened very strange”, the head of the GAP said that “if there was no money, I could have joined the sports society that Sporting de Espinho wanted to create as a political construction entrepreneur. and public works, with strong interests in Espinios”. “This is the owner of the company [ABB] who is building the stadium,” revealed the captain of the centenarians club who is currently mobilizing in the quarters of AF Aveiro. “This is extremely serious,” he fired, considering the communique from the Espinho Municipal Council “an attack on Sporting Clube. de Espinho and almost a declaration of war”, showing, however, “always open to dialogue” with the municipality led by Maria Manuel Cruz.

The partners also requested that a letter be sent to the City Council with its position on this case and that it issue a statement. The president of Espinio guaranteed to follow up on these proposals and appealed to “civilization”, since some of the members present proposed demonstrations, “together with the Chamber”, to show the strength of the association.


With the stoppage of work on the Municipal Stadium “collapsed” the creation of Sports Limited Society (SAD), Bernardo Gomes de Almeida said that the investors “went to look for another partner”, not because of “a decision that came from Espinho’s partners , but from the Municipal Council”.

“SAD is more than dead”, lamented the president of the club which participated 11 times in the First Football League, the last in 1996/97 and which in volleyball, for example, is the team with the most championships ( 18 ).

“With the breakdown of the agreement to have EDE, we lost the ability to have two grass pitches, one of which has a bench, two gymnasiums, one for use in club functions, a state-of-the-art facility. station, working on the Formation of Sporting de Espinho and also an initial value and a percentage value of player transfers that will be used to build the club’s future pavilion,” said Bernardo Gomes de Almeida.

“The pitch is not a mirage”

“The field cannot be a mirage,” said Bernardo Gómez de Almeida, to O JOGO, at the end of the clarification session. “As I said then, Sporting de Espinho would not survive more than two years playing away from home and find problems where there are none,” he warned.

“After all these attempts at negotiations that have been put on the table, it is necessary to find out what happened,” he defended.

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