Elias’ conversation makes Clara pensive Forever

in this episode

Romeo (Rodrigo Tomás) knows that Clara is the love of Pedro’s life and advises him to stop the marriage before he says yes.

Anabela (Susana Mendes) misses Tozé (Paulo Pires) and they kiss, Alcino (Rui Melo) is heartbroken and follows Tozé (Paulo Pires) thinking he is tired of listening to him. Toze disguises him and supports him.

Maria das Dores (Patrícia Tavares) is thinking of giving up on the divorce, Delfina (Ana Nave) reminds her that the children will still have Alcino and she still has Antonino as a suitor who will never let the children miss anything , Maria das Dores thinks Antonino paid you. Delfina leaves offended. Patricia and Girafa whine to Tânia (Mafalda Marafusta) that they don’t want their parents to divorce and ask for help with a plan, she eventually relents.

Alice (Inês Aires Pereira), Beatriz (Sara Prata) and Diana (Madalena Aragão) compliment Clara’s (Inês Castel-Branco) dress, she is insecure, she says that Elias (António Capelo) has come to say that the time to go back, but he is determined not to let anyone down.

Magda (Maya Booth) finishes getting ready in front of the mirror and adjusts the scarf covering her head. You feel tired and you don’t like what you see. Vicente (Rafael Pinho) does not understand why Pedro (Diogo Morgado) is so down if he is also going to marry Magda. She appears tidy, Pedro kisses her and they leave. Vicente thinks of a way to keep Pedro company.

About “Forever”

Pedro is an enigmatic man with only one goal: to win back Clara, his young love. However, such a meeting is almost impossible. Above all, because she is engaged to Lourenço’s brother, the man Pedro will save his life. And what will Lourenço do when he realizes that his savior may, after all, steal everything from him?

Diogo Morgado, Inês Castel-Branco and Pedro Sousa form the central plot triangle. And the cast has kids like Marina Mota, Luís Esparteiro, Paulo Pires, Sara Prata, Maya Booth and many others.

Ana Almeida
Ricardo Carrera
Joao Gomes
Francisco Anduneth
Catarina Amaro
Music production
Antonio Lopez
sound design
Miguel Costa
Production Management
Pedro Miranda
General Counseling
Jose Eduardo Moniz
Art Direction
Hugo de Sousa
Director of Content and Production
Gabriela Sobral
Director of Entertainment and Fantasy TVI
João Patricio, Lurdes Guerreiro, André Manso
Director of Entertainment and Fantasy TVI
Christina Ferreira
TVI General Manager
Nuno Santos
A Plural Production for TVI

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