Eight Devices for a Smart Home (And That Help You Save Money)

ONE The use of smart devices is increasing and they can be ‘friendly’ to your wallet as they help you save money. According to Selectra, there are several types of smart devices on the market and for all types of budgets, each with a common advantage: economies.

In a statement sent to News in a minute, the tariff comparison company gives eight examples of devices for a smart home. Take into account:

  1. smart lights – “If in the past it was strange to think about having the lights at home connected to our smartphone, today this is a reality for countless users who have already realized the advantages of this type of technology. This is because, with smart lighting, it is possible, among other things, to schedule the exact time you want the lights to come on, which allows you to control your daily energy consumption in real time and therefore save a lot at the end of the month.”
  2. Thermostat – “Another very useful device, especially now in winter, is the smart thermostat! If your house tends to be cold and you want to find a pleasant atmosphere when you come home, know that with this device you can manage it This device not only allows you to adjust the temperature via your mobile or tablet, but also to manage the heating depending on whether someone is at home or not.
  3. smart plugs – “Devices on standby? Never again! With the help of smart plugs you can set limits on energy consumption by setting a work schedule to prevent your mobile phone charger or TV box from wasting energy during the hours” .
  4. blinds control – “Nothing better than a bright sun to wake you up in the morning, and for that you can always rely on the control function for the blinds, which includes a timer to program the opening and closing time of the blinds, as well as voice and group control, the last function allows the control of 20 blinds at the same time.
  5. Flood and freeze sensor – “Anyone who has experienced problems with flooding or freezing pipes knows how annoying this can be and the consequences it entails. However, today there are smart sensors on the market that, once installed, send a timely notification to the mobile phone if the sensor detects a water leak, so that it can be corrected in time.”
  6. smoke detectors – “A classic device, but now with a modern twist! Great aids in fire prevention, smoke detectors can now detect the direction a fire is taking and alert homeowners via mobile phone. configured together with other devices, they manage to activate the lighting of the area so that all people can leave safely.”
  7. smart watering sensor – “Maintaining a beautiful garden doesn’t have to be synonymous with high water bills. To make sure you only water the plants with the amount of water they need and don’t err on the side of abundance, buy a smart watering sensor as this gives the signal to turn on the sprinklers only when the soil is not wet. Otherwise, even if the soil is still wet, the irrigation will be interrupted and save a lot of money at the end of the month.” ;
  8. Appliances – “Finally, benefit from the most efficient and up-to-date versions of household appliances. It is already possible to find many options of smart appliances on the market, such as refrigerators that check the food stock to avoid food waste, and washing machines that can tell you the right amount of detergent you need, taking into account the volume of parts. So take advantage of these alternatives and start saving right away.”

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