Doubts are cleared. This is how the “new” Netflix will work

Netflix has announced the end of free account sharing, forcing all users to live in the same residence. However, the statement left a lot of doubt, specifically about the how and why of this new functionality.

In response to SIC Notícias, Netflix Portugal tried to fill in the gaps in the February 8 statement in which it announced the end of free account sharing.

“At Netflix, we’ve always tried to make it easy for people living in the same house to share accounts, so we offer features like different profiles and the ability to watch Netflix on multiple screens at the same time,” they explain.

However, the company says this feature may have been built in “some confusion” to individuals, thinking they might share their accounts with members other than members of the same household.

“Despite their success, these features have created some confusion about when and how to share Netflix. Today, more than 100 million households share accounts — affecting our ability to invest in high-quality shows and movies.” , elements.

But that confusion may even have been caused by Netflix, which, in 2017, said on Twitter: “Love is sharing a password.”

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