March 27, 2023

Does your dog have an AirTag on the collar? it can be dangerous

Apple’s AirTags are a successful product, albeit with many associated problems. They are placed on keys, suitcases, backpacks, bicycles and of course… on the pets of those who do not want to even think about losing track of their animal.

However, one study warns of the risk of using these trackers in dogs. Understand why.

Does your dog have an AirTag on the collar?  it can be dangerous

There are already many collar models on the market to attach an AirTag in order to keep your pet under surveillance. However, an article from the Wall Street Journal warns of the danger of attaching this little gadget to the animal.

Considering its dimensions, only 31.9 mm in diameter and 8 mm thick, the AirTag can easily be attached to the collar of any dog, even the smallest one, without disturbing it. But it is this size that can lead to the occurrence of accidents.

There are many reports online that dogs using AirTags have ended up swallowing them. In the story highlighted by the paper, a dog lost its AirTag collar. The owner, when he tried to locate her, activated the audible alarm that the device can emit and started touching... the belly of the family's other dog.

Does your dog have an AirTag on the collar?  it can be dangerous

X-ray image of a dog with an AirTag.

These objects can be removed by endoscopy, which will prove to be a relatively simple procedure, both clinically and rehabilitatively for the animal. However, surgery may be required.

It may seem sporadic, but it seems to be more common than you think. In the paper, one vet said that in 18 months he had already removed 6 AirTags from dogs that had them on collars.

What does Apple say about using AirTag on animals?

Apple does not recommend using AirTags to track pets or children, as AirTags are designed to track objects. Swallowed AirTags can pass safely through a pet's digestive system, but complications can occur if the AirTag breaks down.

Inside is a CR2032 battery, and if damaged, some batteries can leak a caustic substance that can harm a pet's stomach or mouth, or even cause poisoning. Vets warn that if a dog swallows an AirTag, it should be removed "as soon as possible."

Does your dog have an AirTag on the collar?  it can be dangerous

Apple does not recommend any of the collars available on the market to attach the AirTag, however, if you really want to keep an eye on your pet, choose an option where the AirTag does not hang down, as shown in the image above, as there is a greater risk of it falling off or the animal tries to push it away.

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