March 29, 2023

Does Oregano Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Among the theories about the supposed miracle natural remedies for weight loss circulating on social media is the thesis that Oregano tea helps in weight loss.

The author of one publication claims that “oregano is rich in many properties that, when consumed in the form of tea, can greatly benefit our health,” helping with “weight loss.”

Another post claims that the “carvacrol” – found in oregano essential oil – is “a substance that helps reduce inflammation in fatty tissues and reduce swelling.” Therefore, writes the post’s author, oregano tea is “wonderful slimming facilitator“.

But what does the scientific evidence say about these claims? Does Oregano Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Is it true that oregano tea helps with weight loss?

oregano tea

Speaking to Viral, UK nutritionist (equivalent to a registered dietitian) Margarida Beja and nutritionist Maria Inês Antunes confirm that there is no single food that helps you lose weight.

As for oregano tea, also “there is no scientific evidencethat this drink “has this power”, since “losing weight is much more complicated than drinking tea” or eating “any food”, reinforces Margarida Beza.

Actually, there are some studies preliminary studies examining the potential benefits of carvacrol. However, Beja counters, these studies are “conducted in rats, under controlled conditions, and do not specify that the substance is extracted from oregano.”

According to Margarida Beja, “it’s different to talk about the isolated essence” and “to talk about oregano as a whole” or its infused version. Incidentally, he argues, this is a relevant topic in the nutritional sciences, as “many of the studies that are done on foods or individual compounds are done under very specific conditions and which they do not allow for later extrapolation for general declaration”.

And are there any benefits to drinking this tea? “There are no qualitative studies which demonstrate the benefits, in particular, of this compound for human health”, points out Margarida Beja.

From the perspective of Maria Inês Antunes, the benefit “is the moment of hydration” provided by ingesting any type of tea. On the other hand, according to Margarida Beja, there are no contraindications to taking this drink, “unless there is an allergy.”

For Maria Inês Antunes, weight loss is achieved through “an adequate diet and exercise program adapted to each individual”. Therefore, “drink oregano tea“and to have no other kind of care”it does not make the person lose weight“.

In addition, points out Margarida Beja, “doing anything too much with the goal of losing weight can be problematic, to the extent that it is necessary to understand at what cost and why you want to achieve a certain goal.”

In this case, with regard to oregano tea, “it is known that there is no proven benefit.” At first, “it doesn’t hurt”, but “it will not have any miraculous effect“, emphasizes the same source.

What is really effective in losing weight?

according to a document of the General Directorate of Health (GDY), “weight loss must be done in a graduallymainly to allow a better and progressive adaptation to the necessary lifestyle changes.’

Compared to “excessive weight loss,” the “weight reduction was associated with significant metabolic improvements and greater efficacy in weight maintenance in the medium and long term,” he explains in the same paper.

Thus, the DGS points to “three key elements” that “can enhance, in the medium and long term”, weight loss and “body weight control”. They are “the promoting stable dietary patterns, with a nutritional and energy balance suitable for the clinical needs of each individual. The regular physical activity; and the promotion of autonomous motivation in the acquisition of new habits’.


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