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The tracking work allowed the new remains to be found located on some old train tracks that run through the park in the morningreproduction

Posted 14/02/2023 12:50

French investigators found the head and other human remains in the Buttes Chaumont park, one of the largest green spaces in Paris, this Tuesday, 14. A day earlier, the police were alerted by officials found parts of a woman’s torso inside a purse. The monitoring work made it possible to find the new remains located on some old train tracks that cross the park in the morning, the Paris Prosecutor’s Office said.

Authorities are now working to locate the victim. Pending the autopsy, another question that needs to be clarified is when the crime was committed.

According to the Paris Prosecutor’s Office, the criminal brigade of the city’s judicial police is investigating the murder. According to the TV channel “BFMTV” and the newspaper “Le Parisien”, the new remains correspond to the woman, whose pelvis and thighs were found on Monday by gardeners.

The lifeless body part of the woman found on Monday, 13, was still wearing “jeans”, a police source said on Tuesday. A murder investigation was launched and the park was closed to the public in the afternoon to allow forensic teams to proceed. Detection dogs are used in the business.

The discovery was made in the same area of ​​the city where, last October, the body of Lola, a 12-year-old girl, was found inside a trunk. The teenager, who disappeared on her way home from school, was tortured before being murdered in a crime that shocked the country.

Buttes-Chamont Park

Away from the most touristy areas of the capital, Buttes-Chamont park is one of the most popular in Paris. Created in 1867 under the regime of Napoleon III, it is located in one of the neighborhoods that have attracted a new and increasingly wealthy population in recent years, according to Radio France Internationale (RFI).

Overlooking the Sacré-Coeur, the Buttes-Chamont hills, called by some the “hill of fashion” because of the lively summer picnics, attract people from all over the city all year round, in addition to the residents of the surrounding area, who Exercise in the sports area, which has a lake, waterfalls and even an artificial cave, which extends over 25 hectares.

The park recently gained notoriety because it was used as the setting for season 3 of the Netflix series “Emily in Paris.”


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