March 28, 2023

Disgusted that he had a low salary and could not pay the rent, he went to live in the company’s office – Actualidade

Simon Jackson is 28 years old, on a low wage and saw his landlord brutally increase his rent after the lease ended. With no chance of paying the required amount and without much choice in the low-income market, he decided, as a form of protest, to move into his office space that has been unoccupied since the pandemic, as employees continue to telecommute. The story has something poetic, but it doesn’t have a very happy ending.

Simon, who lives and works at an engineering consulting firm in Seattle, United States, decided to start telling his entire story on his TikTok account, which quickly became successful. He shared the first video on March 8 and showed how he turned the cabin he owns into a kind of bedroom. He later revealed how he used the bathrooms or the office fridge and his followers went wild.

Simon uses the company’s community fridge

Simon uses the company’s community fridge

” data-title=”Simon uses the company’s communal fridge – Disgusted with the low wages and unable to pay the rent, he moves into the company’s office – MAGG”> Simon uses the company's community fridge

Simon uses the company’s community fridge

“This is me, taking all my belongings out of various suitcases. I’m walking out of my old apartment and into my cubicle. I’m not getting paid enough. So, as a form of protest, I’ve just arrived at My Company. We’ll see how long I can get away with,” Simon Jackson revealed in the video.

Sleeping was simple: Jackson placed a sleeping bag under the desk and used makeshift curtains to cover the cabin.

Of course, the videos’ success got to where Jackson wanted it least: the company’s Human Resources department. After four days, the fun is over. “We ask that you delete videos of you claiming to live here and other videos of you in the office. This content is not appropriate.” This was the message he received in the mail from Human Resources. If he didn’t leave the building immediately, Simon would risk being fired. But the worker wasn’t exactly surprised, and he was already expecting this attitude, so he decided to quit.

The good thing is that with the brutal increase in TikTok followers, he achieved the fame that allows him to start his own business. For now, he plans to invest in himself and a business selling overalls online, which he recently launched. “Now I’m going to travel a bit and stay with friends in different cities. I have a side business selling tracksuits and I’m interested in organizing events, so I’m going to roll the dice and see where it all takes me. I’m looking to spread some good news,” said Simon according to the New York Post.

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